Ruby Learners Group

(Forwarded from Robert Schäfer, via See for his contact details.)

We’re running a Ruby Learners Group in Potsdam and would like to find
more course participants. Is it possible to get “listed” at the
Open-Tech-School? Last week, @niccokunzmann joined our group and told us
about it.

The ruby learners group is hosted by the MIZ Babelsberg.

The course is free of charge and mainly but not exclusively aimed at
women. So I would say we share your values.

I would be very pleased about your suggestions or feedback!

They could join us at the next Orga Meetup (9.05, agenda to follow), provided that @xMartin and @mamhoff attend :slight_smile:

I can’t attend, unfortunately, as I won’t be in Berlin.

I am totally fine with them being “listed” though. Where do you mean? On the OTS home page, or on

First we need to rename OTS Berlin to OTS Berlin-Brandenburg :stuck_out_tongue:

It’s great that @niccokunzmann is already in touch with them. Would still like them to join an organizers dinner and say hi and exchange a bit before we integrate them, if possible. Not necessary for certain people like me or @mamhoff being present, though.

Let’s invite them!

Obviously, it should be OTS Willy Brandt then. :wink: I have forwarded your invitation to the organizers dinner.

Also, from my reply:

Our endorsement would either end up allowing you to create Meetup events in OTS Berlin, or retweeting (or re-whatevering through your favorite social media) through @OTS_BLN. I’ll let the local chapter decide.

By the way: Nicco and I know Robert and can vouch for them, if that helps with making friends. :blush:

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It could also be an option to have a separate chapter for Potsdam :slight_smile: Wasn’t the refugee café there?

Hey thanks for your invitation!

Yes, I am free on the evening of 9th May (it’s an “Organizers Dinner”, right?) and I am looking forward to get in touch.

We would like to find new course participants. Probably you know better than us what would be the best option here.

Thanks a lot for your help!


Welcome @roschaefer!