Blog post is published:

Super! Thank you so much for picking this up! Where does the content live? The mailchimp still seems empty and on Github I can only find the blogpost.

Good! It was never my idea to send them a monthly group mail or something like that. Instead, I wanted to have a list of emails so we can approach everyone individually each month.

Robert can you make the google doc editable? So we can do our correction/suggestions.
About the Khronos group, is that offering a wordwide sonsorship?

So everybody, deadline is approaching, what’s the status? Are we ready? :smiley:

I’d say let’s send it out! I can put it in mailchimp this afternoon.

I think we still had some work to do on the template? Otherwise, I have some content to revisit with the feedback from the contributors, can do this today though.

We have 12 subscribers on the list so far. I’ll inform later today.

I have incorporated all feedback into the pending items.

We currently have two items on hold. A thing I’ve seen in another newsletter is “upcoming items,” where the editors hinted at stuff in the pipeline. I think this is useful and might give us higher conversion. Thoughts? informed.

19 people on the list now. How’s the template doing?

24 people signed up now. We have failed our goal of a November edition.

Images and placeholders in the templates are still broken. @anaketa @coderinheels?

If all the blockers are removed timely (ie. this week), we could have one edition early December, and a Happy Holiday edition end of December. OpenTechSchool is pretty quiet around January anyways, so we might as well target skipping this one from the get-go.

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I always thought our middle November deadline was too tight but you guys were so convinced… :slight_smile:
Anyway about MailChimp meta… i already said i don’t know how to fix them. I did all what i found/read/discover to place them but seems wasn’t enough.
Images… what’s the problem?

Happy-holiday edition can be nice as kick starter but make also sense to start from new year at this point. And then we have more time which let’s be honest, under xmas, we are all more busy!

About just 24 signed up… we cannot do so much about, can we?

I just tested again: Images are good. They are incorrect just when they are in MailChimp preview but when you send the email all the design is correct.
The only problem now is meta tag. Any expert of mailchimp templating?

If we don’t find any solutions we have to use the premade mailchimp layout

What exactly is the issue?

I used a custom template and i use MailCHimp tags like is written in the doc.

but no luck. When i send the email they don’t work.
The ones i try to use are:

Let me know if you want to check into MailChimp and need credential