Started a new topic to discuss progress on the newsletter! @anaketa @robert @coderinheels

DEADLINE first newsletter: November 20, 2015

I just checked the Mailchimp ToS and it forbids sending from Mailchimp to “third-party lists of email addresses," eg. Google Groups.

I have created newsletter.contributors@ to add contact persons for chapters and teams.

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Hey i created 3 templates (are still general but you get the ideas) and i cannot decided :smile:
Can you help me and vote the one you like more?
i’m not even sure how much content = space we need …

Hi Anouk / Giorgia, Robert and I had a quick call today, but plan on having another on Friday at 11am Berlin time. Hope the two of you can join. I’ll send out the calendar invitation shortly.

Please also see the minutes of our sync-up meetings.

I have added everybody involved to team.newsletter@ to receive input from contributors. (This group is open to everyone at

I’ll look into the Mailchimp templates tonight. @coderinheels: Could you grant all of us admin/moderator on Mailchimp? I remember I was blocked on this while playing around earlier.

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Hey Gen and Robert! So sorry, i completely miss the call this morning!!
I’m currently travelling so i’m not so sure about Friday but I will try to be there at least for the first 30mins even if i don’t have so much to say.
I still waiting some feedbacks from you guys about mailchim template :smiley:

Hey @anaketa, I think the “Custom-theme-underscore” is completely appropriate for our purposes. I wouldn’t bother with multicolumn layouts for the time being, we only have a flat list of items.

Could you update the logos in there? Also, it doesn’t seem particularly well integrated into Mailchimp, with no placeholders at all.

Hello everyone, I’m also super sorry for missing the call(s?). My client needs to ship an app soon and so work has been pretty insane. @robert what is the status of the content / contact list?

@anaketa very pretty templates :slight_smile: I love the classic one. But for now, while we are still figuring out content, I agree with @robert: Custon-theme-underscore would work best!

@anouk you are right! Let’ s keep the other templates for future but let’s use the simple one for now. I will make the MailChimp one at this point so is suuuuper easy to change content. (i hate to work on mail chimp text editor! :slight_smile: )
@robert, @coderinheels Do I have the right to implement newsletter form on website?

@anaketa, I’d look into it (plus the admin rights) some time today.

cool! Yes please i have some time today to do it, but i probably won’t have tomorrow and the days aftre since i’ll start new project so if you could do it today and let me know after that, so i can proceed straight away :slight_smile: Thankss

@anouk: Content has been done for a while now plus I’ve added input from other chapters.

We have abandoned the idea of contact lists for contributors since it’s not the nicest way to poke people. :wink: We do have team.newsletter@ and I have added all of you (see above.)

A gentle reminder also goes to check out the meeting minutes, which are rather comprehensive.

I’m currently blocked on the permissions issue too. It should be as easy as a small flag flip in our membership, though, so please try to get this done ASAP. Reminder: Our deadline to send the newsletter is end of this week.

@anaketa: You have, as discussed previously, green light from me for newsletter integration into the Web site (though you don’t need it, technically.) I’ll renew my offer to review a pull request once you have something.

Hey guys, i just sent to you a newsletter template test.
@robert could you please help me with “If you can’t read this email.Please view online” and “Unsubscribe” link?
I put the |ARCHIVE| and |UNSUB| tag as explain in the documentation, but they seems broken :confused:
|LIST:COMPANY| will work asa we create the campaign.

Also, i’m not sure if you saw the template as all one coloumn before (i did and still do in my other computer) but the real onw as image on left and text on right. Except for main news which is the banner.
Anyway, what you got in your opentechschool inbox should be the right design/template.

Ok, now i just need to have Admin access …

I have seized control of the newsletter@ account and granted you moderator rights, @anaketa. I have also created a distribution list.

Would be good to know before you seize things @robert? I was logging in and found the password was changed yesterday.

@anaketa, agree the template Custon-theme-underscore is good as a start. It’s a clean, simple template, which is what we want to start with.

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Hey @coderinheels, I didn’t hear back from you for the last days and the deadline is approaching fast. Since this is a shared account I have gone forward and just fixed the permissions issue myself. I’m sorry if this caused any confusion on your side.

@robert, I posted a message here yesterday? How could you say you have not heard back from me? Anyway, can you email me/anouk/giorgia the password for newsletter@ as well as for the main Mailchimp account opentechschool.

@gen: I was trying to move this forward. Everybody should have the appropriate privileges now; is anything missing?

Could everyone please review the content of the first newsletter? Check out Google Docs.

Sign-up link pushed to @anaketa said she’d work on sign-up form integration tomorrow.

I have also sent out separate review requests to the individuals involved in the newsletter entries.