OTS Orga Dinner - CW07/17

Hello everyone,

how about we restart the our organisers dinners again? Glad you agree, let’s pick a date. Votes open until Feb 10th, multiple picks allowed, relative majority wins - will announce that day.

  • Monday 13th
  • Tuesday 14th
  • Wednesday 15th
  • Thursday 16th
  • Friday 17th

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As a reminder, we usually do it somewhere within the Ring in a public place hosting enough of us with food and drinks, must have vegan options on the menu. If you want to nominate any place, please do so by replying below and I’ll check with them for a reservation of the size of the winning vote.


This place has been on my to-do list for a while http://www.museberlin.com/ :slight_smile:


Voted Wed+Thu+Fri. Might also be able to do Monday/Tuesday but probably not.

Should we say we meet on Monday since most of the vote goes for that day?
Would be nice to lock the date

Yes, wanted to announce today. But fell sick and only got back up now - when the proposed place is closed so I can’t make a reservation. However, only 5 ppl actually said they’d come and on a Monday I don’t suppose we need a reservation for that few people (and I can still try to get one through tomorrow). So I’ll announce it that way.