Organizers Dinner Berlin End of 2017

We’d love to see everyone again and exchange on Berlin Organizers topics in a nice setting over dinner and drinks. Please fill out the poll when you can:

  • Monday, 20.11.
  • Tuesday 28.11.
  • Monday 4.12.
  • Tuesday 5.12.
  • Wednesday 6.12.
  • Thursday 7.12.
  • Friday 8.12.
  • No, thank you

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I’d say Thu 7.12. it is. I’m excited to see you and celebrate with you!

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Yay! Looking forward :slight_smile:

Any ideas were to go?

@xMartin is this still happening? Any more info?

Yes! Starting at 7pm at Tire Bouchon (close to U-Schönleinstraße). I reserved.


Cool! Thank you very much martin!
tagging teamBerlin to give a reminder

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