Organisers dinner, 14 March

On Monday, 14 March we’re having our next Organisers Dinner. Sorry for the short notice.

As usual we’re meeting at 7pm in a restaurant (announcement follows asap) and start at 7:30pm with the agenda.

  • Will attend
  • Can not attend

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Any input for the agenda?

@stefanhoth, @MisterRios, @ellen, @kiyu_mars, @Danila, @anaketa, @haiko, @xMartin, @ezmiller, @chiara, @amelie, @bettina, @charlotte, @carlio, @staeff, @anouk, @rachel, @starkcoffee, @bastianalbers, @ramin, @mamhoff, @ben, @vicy, @Mar.High, @Autarc, @skade

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@xMartin Do we have a location? Is this happening today?

Yes it’s happening. We’re meeting at Kuchenkaiser, Oranienplatz.

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mhmm Kuchenkaiser is good! what a pitty i cannot come :confused:
@xMartin can you put on the agenda or just ask around if anybody would be interested to occasionally write (or even just edit) the content of the OTS Newsletter?

Here are the notes from last night:

New Elixir Meetup

Christoph (@defsprite) joined us to let us know, they want to organise an Elixir Co-Learning meetup. @mamhoff invited them to join for next weeks Ruby Co-Learning to see how such an event goes and take it from there. The group shared a lot of helpful info

Co-Up Announcements

Co-Up is facing a theft problem. They have vaults now and ask us to put the bills from the drink-bowls in there after every meetup.

Action Items:

  • [ ] @ben: copy-paste email from co-up to discourse
  • [ ] @mamhoff: get a spint

Refugees in Berlin

We have people from syria show up at colearnings but there isn’t anything specific planned at the moment. The reach-out kinda died down.


Update: there will be a workshop on the website very soon, the organisers will meet within the next three weeks. Side note: we have an OTS website contribution by a Web-Colearning-Participant. We need more copy-editing. Write issues regarding the website on github.

Action Items:

  • [ ] @ben will send a PR for a code of conduct, based on the Berlin Code of Conduct (including a link to the coaches guideline)

Nodeschool Berlin & OTS Berlin joint-venture

Nodeschool Berlin & OTS joined the efforts in running the node school co-learning effort and Mar took over the FB Page for OTS.

Checkins from the meetup

  • Learners-Meetup & Python are going well
  • R will stop, lack of organisers
  • Ruby is going well
  • Web-Co-Learning going well, too
  • Rust Co-Learning is going well, but the meetup is sending too many emails


We need people to write the newsletter. @anouk is interested in picking it up.
@defsprite offers to proof-read.


OTS Berlin is having a lot of meetups on a regular basis and people complain about that. @ben relays that meetup contact the group and offered to join multiple accounts into one ‘corporate’-ish account, which would allow us to also have multiple Berlin groups.

Action items:


  • [x] @mamhoff will organise next meeting: April 11th.
  • [x] @ben reminding about action items
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Just one addition: The Rust Hack and Learn meetup solved the email problem by sending important information to a separate mailing list for participants that mute emails.

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@mamhoff : don’t forget to organise the next event (on monday!).
@ben : look at all the stuff you still have to do …!

@ben thanks for the heads-up. Btw Spinde for Co-Up will take a little longer, unfortunately. I’ll tell you why IRL.

I made a master post with the list of organizers. Also added as link in the “about us” section on meetup. Any idea how to convince people to go there instead of using the meetup contact form?

@mamhoff friendly reminder :grin:

Where are we meeting tonight?

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Sorry everyone, I’ve been BAD at organizing this. We’re meeting at Guru’s again (that worked fine the last time, and I’m supremely uncreative today).

See you later!

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Can’t make it, sorry!

Just to make sure. “later” means 7+ish right?

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@ben yes :slight_smile:

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Better late than never:

Although I’ll be absent in May, I vote for @chiara to pick the next place to meet: One argument was that we could move within Berlin and make it more accessible to more people that way, yet we kinda always end up in Kreuzberg/Neuköln (which I know for at least some to be not super accessible on a Monday evening).

See you in a bit!

Assigned while absent … sneaky :stuck_out_tongue: