OTS website

Do we have guideline to work/improve our website?
I made PR on Github and I want to make more of them but checking on Github i see lots of very old stuff still there (issues or PR) so i’m afraid nobody will never see my PR !
What is the process? @ben, @matthew

Also I suggest to clean up our Github issues a bit, there is stil stuff from 2012!
Maybe we can do it next Wednesday @xMartin?

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Please, please feel free to clean up the issues! I can take up on the review once the Easter holidays have winded down; other than that there is no other “process.”

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FYI: At the Frontend Co-Learning Meetup (Every Wed evening at 7.30 @ co-up) we are working on OTS website, improving UX and UI.

Everybody are welcome to come and join us if they want to know more/work on it.
The idea is to have many small issue so learners at our meetup without projects can pick up a task and help out with a real website.
All the issue on Github tagged with “high-priority” or “fast-fix” are prepared for this purpose

If you want to help out/practice your code but you can’t join our Wed meetup, just let me know. We can easily coordinate on the issue you would like to work on! :smile:


Is also a goo exercise for all the learners willing to try out/improve their skills on Git/github :smiley:

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