Github from Scratch

Hi @all :slight_smile:

So tomorrow (Saturday Nov 30) the first iteration of “Github from Scratch” will happen in Hamburg. We developed the material here: (preview:

But of course it should be in the OTS space. So could somebody

  • fork the repo into the OTS organization and
  • add Github users filtercake, fallera and salzig so that we can push to that repo?

The material has received great feedback so far and we’re really curious how everything will turn out tomorrow…


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You can find it at - respectfully .

Let us know how it goes.


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awesome, thanks!

To keep it short: went great and the feedback is terrific:

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While I love the idea of a Wall of Fame, could that go outside of the material? It was really hard to keep track of changes during the workshop because there were a dozen of pull requests to the original material, most of them just adding themselves to the WoF.

AFAIK, that was a first test run in which the material was getting fixed as well as being read. In the future, you might not have as many actual material fix PRs to look at, and only WoF PRs? So the issue might go away.

Alternately though, that’s exactly what happened for the Social Coding workshop. We have a separate project (with a specific ‘theme’ for commits) called underground.