Presenting OpenTechSchool at Bangalore RubyConf

Hello, Hackership will run a small pilot in Mysore India for 4 weeks mid January to mid February.

Handily, the biggest rubyconf there, is running just before in Bangalore, with the theme LEARNING.

We thought it would be cool, if possible, to speak shortly on OpenTechschool…and perhaps see how the interest is to start a chapter there.

If anyone is interested to provide content/ comments for this talk, please share here or get in touch!

There is a collection of slides and past presentations in our Presentations Archive.

<shameless plug> If you wanted to give an 20-ish minutes overview of history, values and formats you could well try and adapt my OTS Potpourri (see German video / English slides.) Its intention was to get others to start a local chapter (where we got some good feedback from Cologne and another smaller city in West Germany.)

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