Python Learning Materials

This is a collection of learning materials for Python. Feel free to add your favorite tutorials, videos, guides and courses.

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Online Courses

  • Spielend Programmieren lernen (German)
    Dieser vierwöchige Kurs richtet sich an Schüler und andere Interessierte, die schon immer in die Welt des Programmierens hineinschnuppern wollten.
  • Codecademy
    This course is a great introduction to both fundamental programming concepts and the Python programming language. By the end, you’ll be familiar with Python syntax and you’ll be able to put into practice what you’ll have learned in a final project you’ll develop locally.

Learning Games / Interactive Learning

  • CodeCombat
    CodeCombat is a platform for students to learn computer science while playing through a real game.
  • Computer Science Circles (German)
    Diese Website ist eine Einführung in die Computer-Programmierung.
  • Coding Game
    Improve your skills by playing games



  • Websites with Python Flask
    Takes you through creating a basic interactive website using Flask.
  • Django Girls Tutorial
    The tutorial will not magically turn you into a programmer, but it will to show you that programming or creating websites is not as complicated as it seems.
  • Django Marcador
    With every step of the tutorial you will learn Django’s basic principles
    by creating a bookmark application similar to Delicious or Pinboard.


  • Python Cookbook
    This book is aimed at more experienced Python programmers who are
    looking to deepen their understanding of the language and modern
    programming idioms.
  • Test-Driven Development with Python
    This book is my attempt to share with the world the journey I’ve taken from
    "hacking" to “software engineering”. It’s mainly about testing, but there’s a
    lot more to it, as you’ll soon see.
  • Think Complexity
    This book is intended as a scaffold for an intermediate-level college class in Python pro-gramming and algorithms.
  • Mastering Python for Data Science
    If you are a Python developer who wants to master the world of data
    science then this book is for you. Some knowledge of data science is
  • Natural Language Processing with Python
    This book is a practical introduction to NLP. You will learn by
    example, write real programs, and grasp the value of being able to
    test an idea through implementation.

Beginners (also in German):


  • codinggame - not reviewed. Game+Coding in several languages.

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