Organisers meetup, 1st of February

(Chiara) #6

Yes, will change the time now

(Chiara) #7

…or not, because mobile. Can anyone please change the time, please?

(Martin Stadler) #8

Changed the time in the text.

(Chiara) #9

Er… only 2 signups? Does it make sense to book?

@xMartin your charm is needed to keep this thing running lol

(Nicco Kunzmann) #10

I want to come, too. We will host Workshops at the CEBIT and I would like to talk about OpenTechSchool involvement.

(Julia) #11

Mar and Me from NodeSchool Berlin will join to discuss a possible Collaboration with OTS.

(Chiara) #12

Cool! Can we have some Frontend coaches coming to discuss about it? @xMartin, @anaketa

(Kiyumars) #13

Change of plans: Could not get a table at Koutaki, so we should go to the Indian restaurant Guru, which is directly opposite the Südstern station. The address is [30 Kortestr][1]. I’ve reserved a table for six, though it appears from the comments that I should perhaps be increased to 8?

@chiara, @anderspree, @niccokunzmann, @xMartin, @ellen

(ellen) #14

Unfortunately I can’t make it

(Julia) #15

Ok I updated my Kalender and informed Mar. We will still be there.

(Martin Stadler) #16

@chiara since when can i be charming? :wink:

Background info: I’m in touch with the NodeSchool Berlin folks for a while now about collaborating so I invited them to join us for dinner :slight_smile: (Oooh, first date :smiley: I guess I can be charming…)

@bastianalbers said he’d be joining, too, right?

(Chiara) #17

@xMartin lol :grin:

(bastianalbers) #18

Yes, i’ll also come. Not sure if i can be on time, maybe i have to get some stuff done at home before i can join, but will definitely come.

(Andreas) #19

A different meeting has been canceled so I can join, too \o/

(Kiyumars) #20

I’ve bumped up the table at Guru’s to 8-10 people. The name is under ‘Open tech’. Just a reminder, we are meeting at the Indian restaurant Guru, not the greek Restaurant To Koutouki.

(Martin Stadler) #21

Thanks for the great dinner! Here’s the notes:

@anderspree, @Mar.High, @chiara, @xMartin, @kiyu_mars, @andreas, @niccokunzmann, @bastianalbers, @vicy

  • is running something similar to Web Frontend Co-Learning once a month
  • Everybody likes idea of colaborating
  • Will integrate events
  • They will keep tito for RSVPs for now as they like the tickets, so we link to that from Looking for solution that makes RSVPs more reliable

@Mar.High volunteers for maintaining OTS facebook page

###Collecting learning resources
We intend to collect online resources. Either one big page or separate for each language/topic
[] @andreas Python
[] @kiyu_mars Ruby
[] @xMartin/ @Mar.High Web/JavaScript

###Website update (
Idea is to have a special event (maybe one Web Frontend Co-Learning night to make a hackathon for the web page with mentoring)
[] @xMartin/ @Mar.High

###Refugees Emancipation

  • @vicy, @xMartin and @nicolai met Eva and Boris
  • Refugees Emancipation is working on setting up internet cafes in shelters
  • Boris is a refugee with a tech background helping with admin stuff
  • We invited them to join Co-Learnings and spread the word about OTS
    [] @vicy and @xMartin will catch up with them
    [] @vicy wants to create flyers to advertise what OTS is offering

###Ruby Co-Learning
…is running fine. Looking for more coaches.

###Python Co-Learning

  • Two long-term participants got jobs as developers
  • Getting more people, small learning group is joining

###Coder Dojo

  • 3 new Dojos upcoming in Berlin (in addition to Potsdam)
  • 5.3.2016 (5 March) event at E-Post, Coaches wanted
    [] @niccokunzmann will post details on discourse

CoderDojo Potsdam, Hannover and Pforzheim are having a booth at Cebit and running workshops there. OpenTechSchool could join them.

Coder Dojo Potsdam will be at OpenTechSummit (Himmelfahrt) with workshops. OpenTechSchool could join them.

###OTS Laptops
@bastianalbers still has 12 Laptops at home (not set up)
Lisa from ClojureBridge currently has 3 (might have a Linux)

@bastianalbers mentioned ideas about a mentoring program mainly targeted to female junior developers.

###ReactJS workshop
@bastianalbers is working on ReactJS workshop materials, welcoming help

###Learners Meetup
…is doing good (next one this Wednesday)

###Invite for organizers meetings via calendar
[] @chiara is gonna check with team tech how to do it with OTS Google apps

###New topic for OTS “Shell Scripting”
[] @chiara would like to collect materials first, maybe developing in a workshop
[] @kiyu_mars has something to add here

###Next meetup (14.3.)
[] @xMartin is organizing

(Benjamin Kampmann) #22

Exciting! Shouldn’t we do a blog post or something about that? That is really great (for them but also for OTS)!

(Martin Stadler) #23

We could add @jessica to the success stories who unfortunately left OTS_BLN for a dev job.

(Andreas) #24

Python Learning Materials: Python Learning Materials

(Chiara) #25

Time for a friendly reminder!

@anderspree, @Mar.High, @chiara, @xMartin, @kiyu_mars, @andreas, @niccokunzmann, @bastianalbers, @vicy