Science Hack Day Berlin 2017 - Registration opens soon!

Hi everyone - a little message from the Science Hack Day Berlin team…

UPDATE: If you are successfully registered for Science Hack Day Berlin 2017 and are looking for the SHDB17 discourse category, please head over here:


Science Hack Day Berlin 2017
17 – 19th November
MAR-Gebäude, TU Berlin


It’s been over a year since we last saw Science Hack Day… It seems that it went to ground and has been secretly growing its network and gathering strength in the intervening months. We’ve found evidence of a giant mushroom growing under the TU and it is about to spread its spores of science jui-jui back all over Berlin. Come and join us under the mushroom’s cap to feed it science and harvest hacks!

We’re looking for scientists, designers, developers, artists, engineers, and people who just really love to science, to join us for one complete and intense weekend of hacking and building things together. What things? Take a look through the results of our past events to get an impression of what’s possible (but don’t stop there – we want you to surprise us!). You can find the schedule for the weekend here.

If you’ve never done something like this before, don’t worry – this is the event for you. We’ll help you get started, find a team, and share what you have to share. You just bring your beautiful brain, your skills, expertise, and experience, and your creativity. Oh and any cool stuff you want to hack with.

And… thanks to our generous sponsors (more about them here) IT’S FREE!

Registration will open Monday October 30th at 6PM at Don’t be late! Last year we filled up in about 3 hours. However, if you miss out, definitely add yourself to the waiting list – people do drop out and you could still get a spot.

Can’t wait to hack science with you,
Science Hack Day Berlin Team

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Maybe you wanna add to the post when the actual event is (17-19th Nov, right?)

I’m actually interested in registering, by the way. You think “I can build web UIs” is of enough input and value to join a cool team/project?

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thx - very good idea :slight_smile: I’ve made an edit to the original post

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Being able to build web UIs is an awesome and very useful skill for the right project! You should totally sign up :slight_smile:

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