Senior Designer, Remote Software developers and CTO for Avaaz

Lots of jobs at Avaaz, a pretty great campaigning organisation. (that allows remote work)

CTO Excerpt
Avaaz is a global civic movement with a community of almost 41 million members and growing. Already, we’ve been a key force in bringing UN statehood recognition to Palestine, passing revolutionary anti-corruption legislation into law in Brazil, smuggling in sat phones to Syria and humanitarian relief into Burma, and so much more. We’re nimble, multi-lingual (17 languages and counting!), and fiercely independent (100% funded by small online donations from members). We’ve held over 10,000 rallies and events in every country in the world (including the largest climate march in history) and raised over $50 million online. But we’ve just scratched the surface of what’s possible – and we need the right CTO to help take Avaaz to the next level.

The CTO will be a member of the senior leadership of the organization, and will work closely with our senior team to build and implement an effective technical strategy. We are looking for a candidate who has intimate familiarity and experience with industry best practices across a wide variety of technical fields. A strong candidate will have expertise in areas including software design, automated testing, big data, technical management, and running a website serving tens of millions of subscribers. They will lead a team of 30, including 15 developers, and must be excited to train and mentor them to maintain a high level of quality while implementing solutions quickly.


• Effectively communicate technical obstacles and objectives to organizational leadership.

• Ensure that the tech team produces clean, maintainable, extensible, and well tested software.

• Ensure that our code and infrastructure correctly utilize applicable design patterns.

• Oversee and direct our transition to service-oriented architecture.

• Ensure that all systems are robust to high traffic, and to disruption caused by political interference or other unforeseen circumstances.

• Help make informed decisions about where and how we host our infrastructure.

• Direct the implementation of the organization’s technical strategy.

• Assist with recruitment and oversee developer training, to ensure that all software developers achieve and maintain a high level of skill.

• Ensure that the tech team maintains a high level of productivity.


• Multiple years of software development experience with experience in a leadership role.

• Experience running a tech team.

• Demonstrated expert software development abilities.

• Excellent written and spoken communication with both technical and non-technical interlocutors.

• Facility with and excitement about imparting knowledge to the rest of the tech team.

• Experience designing and implementing systems using service oriented architecture.

• Experience working with or building data pipelines in complex environments.

• Must be a strong culture match including having a growth mindset approach to self and team and a deep commitment to world change and the Avaaz mission.


Avaaz is a virtual organization, with most of our work done over email, telephone and Skype. Our staff are based in cities all over the world and meet at team retreats twice per year. Avaaz covers office costs, either to establish a home office or to rent one, and we support staff to house themselves in local similar organisations when preferred.

Compensation and Benefits:

Salary varies with location and experience, but is highly competitive with leading non-governmental organizations. Benefits also range with location, but include 5 weeks paid vacation per year.

10 more reasons to join Avaaz!

  1. We’re winning – our campaigning works and we’re changing politics and practices across the world. Check out our recent victories at Or see what the world’s media is saying about us at

  2. Our tactics are bold and effective – we do what’s needed to win campaigns, whether it’s pioneering the use of satellite phones and critical technology to support democracy movements or rallying the largest climate protests in history.

  3. The mission is the metric – large funders don’t control our strategy. We work with members to do what’s best for the world each and every time.

  4. We thrive in risky situations – we don’t let powerful forces like Rupert Murdoch’s media empire bully us with legal, brand or financial threats. We’re experts at navigating risk and meeting threats head on, in the media, the courts or on the streets.

  5. We pay sustainable salaries – our salaries are competitive and we believe in supporting long term commitment to the work we do.

  6. Our team is awesome – it’s chock full of brilliant people at the top of their fields in law, politics, civil society and more. We’re no drama and a heck of a lot of fun.

  7. We have great work-life balance – it’s a professional responsibility and there’s huge support to nail it. We believe we all work best when we are rested and enjoying a full life outside of the office.

  8. You can be anywhere – except for a few roles that require a specific location, our staff can be based anywhere with an airport and a great internet connection. If you want to work from one of our large offices in New York or London, you can do that, or live on an island somewhere!

  9. We’re fiercely meritocratic – our hierarchy is based on judgment and we are constantly checking it against objective standards that are 100% transparent. We believe in the best ideas becoming instantly recognized and adopted, and all jobs and roles are assigned meritocratically.

  10. There’s no drama – we work as one team to change the world. You may need to see it to believe it, but we’ve got a team where gossip, drama, internal politics and all that draining stuff just doesn’t exist.

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