Starting an OTS in Argentina

Hi there y’all!

I’m Leandro, a young tech apasionado running a local JavaScript meetup here in Tucuman. I’m all for JS, Angular and Node so that’s what I preach the most.

I read this and was very interested in starting up something similar, as most of the tech education hereabout is very lacking, old and in some cases expensive :frowning:

Said that, it makes a lot of sense to start an OTS in Tucuman, and if everything goes well maybe even move towards some of the other provinces here in Argentina, or try to spread the word in nearby countries like Chile.

I’d love to hear what you have to say about it :smile:


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Yes, please.

The idea of OTS is that anyone can start one anywhere and spread the joy of coding and the love of the community. That’s why we’ve documented what worked for us right from the start and published those handbooks on our website. One that might be of particular interest to you (though talking about mailing lists while discourse might be more appropriate now), is the City-Blueprint: how to start OTS in your city.

We, of course, do everything in our power to help and support you. We’ve already started spreading the word about it on our social media channels and hope to get more people into the loop. What helps a lot, in our experience, is to get the word out locally, like take one of our slides and present it at a local meetup and ask for people, who want to join. Once you have a small group together, we’d happily create a meetup group for you, so you can organize a kick-off and workshops with it.

Oh, so exciting!

Hey Leandro, great to see you!

Ben’s already given you some great links to read and advice to get started. Don’t hesistate to ask if you’d like advice for anything, want any clarifications or explanation, or if anything is confusing. We’d even love feedback on how useful our blueprints are for advice so we can keep on improving them.

A tip from Melbourne: bringing some home-cooked baked goods isn’t too hard and always leaves people with at least one great impression coming from any workshop!

Let us know how you’re going / planning and if there’s anything we can do to help.

Cheers and good luck!

You might like to know that a Spanish translation of Python for Beginners has been completed and is now up! Hurrah!

There are one or two issues with translated versions that I’ve spotted, but it’s pretty awesome to see anyway.

Maybe it can be of help to you starting a native-language OTS workshop?


Also tweeted it :slight_smile: