Share your favorite lessons and insights about tech with our community (CfP)

Hey wonderful Berlin OTS community,

what are your favorite insights and lessons about tech you learned during work and play? What are the things that helped you get started in tech? What do you wish somebody had told you earlier?

We, (the organizers of the learners meetup) would love for you to share this with the learners in our community at the meetup :slight_smile: The purpose of the meetup is to provide a safe, friendly „user group for learners" (especially beginners in any tech area) to learn about general tech topics, approaches, practices etc and ask questions about whatever is on their mind. The first part of the meetup consists of a short (max 15 mins) talk that introduces a tech topic of interest to beginners, and the second half is a space for them to discuss heir favorite questions. Recent topics range from pair programming to Arduino hacking, from assembler to the MVC pattern.
Therefore, we are always looking for people in our community that want to share their experiences with our learners! Some possible topics include

  • test-driven development
  • debugging approaches
  • “clean” coding
  • planning/designing a (mobile/web) app
  • the „hacker approach“ as a creative, self-driven way to learn about tech
  • open vs. closed source vs. free/libre software and how to contribute to FLOSS
  • using helper tools such as package and build managers, code/scaffold generators etc
  • what are patterns and how to use them
  • a simplified explanation of a computers architecture and how assembler code works

But anything that you feel would contribute to the development of people starting out in tech is great…

Please get in touch (by posting here or an e-mail to ) if you want to share any of these or any other topic with our learners! :smile: The learners meetups become interesting only when we contribute our knowledge. They are also a friendly and fun place to practice speaking about tech topics (e.g. to prepare for conference talks). The meetups take place every first Wednesday in the month. As organizers we take care of the promotion, moderation and logistics of the event, so you can focus on your talk.

Looking forward to hear from you! :wink:

Ellen and the other organizers of the learners meetup

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