Hardware Listing

Dear Berliners,

We have beautiful websites showing the online material for learners. But when it comes to hardware it is chaotic.

Only a few people know we can borrow

  • 11 Arduino Starter Kits
  • 10 Makey Makeys
  • 10 Raspberry Pis
  • X Fritzing boxes from MaketechX
  • X Laptops

The reason why we have so good software workshop material is that we can reuse and improve it. If we do not know which hardware we possess, that is impossible.

Let’s improve hardware workshops, too!

I would suggest a website with Photo, Amount, Location, Calendar, responsible person for each thing. We can use the borrow-form of the IT-Labs.

What do you think?

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Yep, I agree that we need something like that!

I cannot offer something as cool as the thing you suggest, but we have some rough infrastructure in form of a spreadsheet in place.

It has amount, location, and responsible person. I agree a photo would be nice but most of the items on it are currently pretty self-explaining. A calendar doesn’t seem like the most critical component at our current utilization of actual hardware resources — a quick email saying “hey, is this available at X?” sounds like an okay-ish amount of work for now. I’m unemotional on the borrow forms; they sound like a bit of a bureaucratic overhead, given there’s no real chain of insurance but trust.

Edit: It’s currently shared with everyone and editable by team.berlin@.