Status of IT labs

Hi all,

It’s Hackweek time in my company and my team’s project is about teaching non-techies in the company how to code (I proposed the OTS material :slight_smile: ). There are at the moment some gov’t people looking at the various projects and one lady said that the gov’t is trying to get code taught to children in schools and it’s hard and they’re looking for some ideas.

Do you think it would be good to get in touch and explain about the IT Labs concept? By the way, is anybody taking care of the IT Labs at all?

Pinging @robert and @niccokunzmann on that topic.

Absolutely! What we’ve been doing lately with IT Labs Berlin is just using OpenTechSchool material (Python for beginners) with some quizzes to warm the kids up.

If somebody wants to hear more (either you or the government) I’m happy to get in touch per mail or set up a phone call.

As for the general status, we arbitraged a third-party workshop last week (blog post to come.) We have not done any workshops of our own recently just because we’re lacking the local manpower. What we’re lacking is outreach, basically; inquiries from teachers have mostly stopped. (Cc @staeff, maybe he has some additional local state.)