Sixteen Women – One Day – Great Apps

First run meow creates happy faces Our first OpenTechSchool event in Hamburg at the Hanse Ventures office was great: Sixteen women with different backgrounds (business, teaching, design, social work, computer science,…) and more, less or no experience in programming met to learn together and teach each other. The goal: Developing own apps!

Yes, done.

AppInventor on participants laptops

Working with the MIT AppInventor the first „Hello Purr“ apps were developed within minutes. You heared „meow“ here and there and everyone was happy about their first own app. More apps followed: Some programmed apps with Magic 8-Balls predicting the future, others developed a game in which you had to chase Bart and Homer Simpson and again others developed paint programs or quiz games. We were amazed by the outcome! Time just flew by and all the sudden the workshop was over. Good thing we are just starting the OpenTechSchool in Hamburg: More workshops and more fun to come!

The whole group

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