Promote App Camps!?!

Hello everyone,

I am escalating the following request from Diana Knodel (formerly OTS Hamburg, now AppCamps). As part of the Google Impact Challenge they are a finalist with the AppCamps, a hands-on mobile development workshop for teenage girls, where they learn within a week to build their first own mobile app.

It started out as part of OTS Hamburg and has since taking off, but the approach, the goal and the material is still very close to the heart of OTS. Diana is asking whether OTS is willing to spread the word so they could win the final round (I vote a clear yes!). However, we don’t have a newsletter per se, but only the meetup group, so I decided to open the issue here to discuss whether we want to send out an email to our subscribers on OTS-Berlin or not.

From: "Diana Knodel"
Date: 17 Feb 2016 17:45
Subject: Impact Challenge

Hi Ben,
lange nichts gehört. Wie geht es dir? Bist du noch in Berlin?
Uns geht es gut. — Du hast vielleicht schon mitbekommen, dass wir bei der Google Impact Challenge Finalist sind und 250k bekommen. Vielleicht sogar 500k - wenn wir beim Public Voting die meisten Stimmen bekommen.
Wäre es möglich, über die OTS Verteiler einen kurzen Text zur Impact Challenge zu verschicken mit der Bitte für uns zu voten? Das wäre großartig.
Textvorschlag (kannst du natürlich gerne anpassen):

Great news from the OpenTechSchool ambassadors Diana and Philipp from Hamburg:
App Camps ( is a non-profit that teaches kids about coding and app development. The startup was founded by OpenTechSchool ambassadors Diana and Philipp. They have been selected as a finalist in the Google Impact Challenge and will receive 250k. And they have the chance to receive 500k if they win the public voting. Please help App Camps with two clicks (no registration): (deadline: Feb 24th 2016)
Click 1: „STIMME ABGEBEN“ Click 2: „JA“
Thanks to all!

I vote no for meetup. While I like the project a lot, I think it opens up a whole can of worms about what we promote on meetup, or not. So far we have not promoted anything that is not an OTS event, and I would like to keep it that way. I am in favour of tweeting about it.


We (Rust Berlin, Search UG Berlin) have the feedback from users that they do not wish to be advertised to through Meetup.

Rust Berlin is already complaining about high volume of emails from the OTS meetup. I would avoid sending messages there.