The first OpenTechSchool Conference — in August in Dortmund

What a beautiful summer this is. I think we all deserve some blue sky after last weeks ehhh-kinda weather. So I’ll not keep you from spending your time outside too long and get right to the point.

As you might have heard our friends from the Dortmund chapter are hosting the very first OTSConf there this summer.

On August 15th they will host talks ranging from an introduction to Evolutionary Algorithms, over queuing protocols and functional programming to diversity and women in Open Source. And as if that wasn’t enough, the next days follows – in good old OTS tradition – a day of workshops and hands-on learning. It’s gonna be fab.

But this wouldn’t be OpenTechSchool, if there wasn’t an extra effort taken to ensure diversity and inclusion beyond what is usual. The conference comes with a clear code of conduct (which also sponsors have to sign), they are hosted in completely accessible venue with a guidance system for visually impaired, have vegetarian and vegan meal options, offer student tickets, community and diversity tickets and a discount for members of the OTS Foundation. On top, if you need someone to look after your kid(s) during the conference, there will be child care (ping them).

If you have any other questions, you can reach the organising team of the conference directly on slack.

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