What is OTS? How do we work?

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I think this should be sticked somewhere. I was just asking about all that, and I think this explained a lot more than I could ever find on the website or elsewhere! :slight_smile:

I’m only missing here how you get funds to even have a place. All donations?

We don’t have a physical place. We are running our events from sponsored venues and have our post-office as part of a big supporting coworking space (here in Berlin). It is also an international community of teams in multiple cities and though every one might be working slightly different, I am not aware that any has their own space they are supporting. We are mostly virtual :smiley: .

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Aha! That’s a big thing right there. Great to know. Very, very interesting. I guess almost every city connected to the internet can find some kind of space for a movement like this. :wink:

Are any of the volunteers actual teachers? I mean, get a living out of giving classes or so.

Interesting definition of “a teacher” :wink: . And no, though with Hackership we are building a full-time programme as well, OTS is run and coached entirely by volunteers, coders from the industry, who just love helping others enjoy the fun of programming. In fact, we’ve found that those, who love programming as much as to coach it, don’t want to give it up either. We just enjoy it too much too just be coaching it.

I’m not surprised there. This may make it even more awesome! :blush:

Did it just happened to be that way, or is there any intrinsic reason favoring coaches to be from the labor market?

The way you put it, it sounds like all “OTS teachers” should probably “get a second job” so they can be freely coaching out of pleasure and practical knowledge (trying to convey the idea with more traditional words is tough!).