Why are there multiple blueprint docs?

The blueprint in discourse looks almost exactly like:

Except the “Teaming up” section seems to be quite different and the github version isn’t as broken like in the website, for all bullet points are currently wrong there (“Meeting in person” is somehow broken everywhere!).

I find all this basically same content spread among 3 places quite confusing. Wouldn’t it make more sense to leave all this cleaner?

I’m not sure about what to do with github and the website, maybe those two need to just keep in sync automatically. But in here I would just give the site link and either write some general specific discourse recommendation (I think the current one should go on the site) or just leave the link.

P.S.: “Say my name” would better be attributed to Walter White, in my humble opinion. :stuck_out_tongue:

It is. At the moment. We are in the process of moving most of the blueprints here into discourse. Later, the current version from discourse will automatically be rendered on the website, too. Right now the rendering comes from the github (hence the reference). Discourse – with it’s new Wiki-Feature – is more accessible to edit such documents. The idea is that it becomes easier to keep the document up to date.

Another important feature is that this will allow more profound discussion around the content and allows anyone to share further tips. As your questions was more meta than specifically about the content, I took the liberty to export it into its own topic. So the blueprint doesn’t get cluttered but focusses on exactly that aspect of sharing tips around it.

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So, maybe I should move back just my comment about “Say my name”? :blush:

I just don’t feel like it has life on its own.

Is there any particular reason why you’re planning to do it this way (rendering Discourse on our Web page) instead of the other way around (transcluding our Github guide in Discourse)? My gut feeling towards the latter solution is much better.