Workshop+Hackfest: Introduction to MicroFlo

Workshop+Hackfest: Introduction to MicroFlo

is an open source dataflow-runtime for microcontrollers (like Arduino),
which allows you to program in a visual, node-based manner - similar to
tools like VVVV, Pure Data and Max MSP
Unlike other visual tools that rely on having a computer attached at
all times, a MicroFlo program runs standalone in the microcontroller.
MicroFlo uses as its IDE. Flowhub can also be used to program JavaScript for browser and server.

Introduction: 2-3 hours

  • Background
  • Core programming concepts
  • Working with digital and analog I/O
  • More complex I/O components: Temperature, LEDs, etc
  • Adding new components
  • Communicating with a computer and NoFlo

the introduction session, we’ll move to an open hackfest. It will last
as long as people hang around. We’ll cover whatever there is interest
for, but here are some ideas:

  • Expand the component library
  • Adding support for new boards/microcontrollers to MicroFlo
  • Hacking core MicroFlo, and Flowhub (the IDE)

No prior knowledge of MicroFlo, NoFlo or Flowhub is required.
Some prior experience with Arduino, microcontrollers or basic programming recommended.
You need to bring:

  • A laptop with Linux/OSX/Windows.
  • (optional) Your own Arduino / microcontroller hardware
  • We have 20 Arduino kits for loan from Opentechschool Berlin and Technologiestiftung Berlin.

See you there!

More info and signup at

I was just going to ask someone to create an event on Meetup. But now there’s already the Google+ thing. @silbo Sorry, I didn’t see your hangout msg until yesterday.

How can we make use of the OTS audience on Meetup without loosing track of how many participants there will be through both channels? Maybe open 15 spots? Also, is the event now confirmed by c-base?

@ben @ellen can you or whoever else has Teh Powar™ create the Meetup event once this is sorted out?

Made you co-organiser for the meetup-group, so you now have all the powers, too.

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It is just one week anyway, just create the meetup and we will figure it out :slight_smile:


I didn’t find the “limit number of members” thing when I created it. Should be added now, although it doesn’t show up on the page. But I don’t have time to screw around with it right now.

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