Building an HTML/CSS Workshop

(lislis) #61

That’s really hard for me but I think I’ll go with the RailsGirls. My project group will be there and we’ll work on our app.
But the next time is reserved for Open Tech School :slight_smile: Have fun everyone!

(giorgia) #62

Guys we just announced the meetup!

As soon as you tell me your name, i can edit with the right number of possible learners.

@lislis i know is hard :slight_smile: No problem we will waiting for you the next meetup! See you on the Saturday evening event!

(Matthew Iversen) #63

I recently put back some syntax highlighting for the beginners tutorial (viewable here)

But I was wondering if anyone had removed it on purpose it make the source code more plainly viewable?

Or if anyone had any thoughts on the matter, liked/disliked the highlighting. Would love feedback. I’ve also painted the top bar OTS blue and gave the tut a unique background pattern :slight_smile:

Let me know what you think about ^^

(Kriesse) #64

Hey hey, do you still need coaches? I’d be down to help (@kriesse).

(giorgia) #65

hello @kriesse! we always need help :wink:
Nice hat you join us

(giorgia) #66

Ehy @matthew, the highlighting syntax is very nice and absolutely better than before :slight_smile:
I did it without and not with purpose. I just didn’t know how to do it and didn’t have a time to figured out eheh
So san i count you as a coach ?

(Stefan Dühring) #67

Coun’t me in. The translations of the materials are almost done as well, will check and push them the next days :smiley:

(Matthew Iversen) #68

I’d love to coach, but unfortunately flying to Berlin from Melbourne is a little expensive for me at the mo :wink:

(Alex) #69

Count me in too. I can definitely make the 19th :slight_smile:

(giorgia) #70

ahah sorry i didn’t get it you are from Melbourne! :slight_smile:

(Martin) #71

Okay. I’m in too (again). 19sounds best.

(Felix N.) #72

I’d like to coach as well.

(Katharina) #73

Hei, I am there to help! If you can use a coach who is kind of a beginner herself, but knows about the basics and has a lot of empathy for people who have no clue :slight_smile: Otherwise I am also happy to just take part this time.

(Matthew Iversen) #74

Hey guys, if you take a look at the extras section of the html tutorial.

If you see any section there that you know something about, please go ahead and fork the repo and add to it!

It’s all in simple markdown. Check out and what it looks like rendered to see an example of how a page can be written / look like.

Any pull requests welcome! Cheers :slight_smile:

(Rachel Uwa) #75

hi all,

the more coaches the more students right?
wait list is really big, is there a way to spread the word and get more coaches involved?
immobilienscout can handle a much bigger crowd,or? whats the official number of coaches so far?

just wondering if theres someone in charge of changing numbers on the meet page when a new person says they will participate as coach. i thought it was 4 learners to 1 coach.


(giorgia) #76

@matthew the extra section needs to be removed. we decided to keep those topics for the advanced workshop
@rachel i’m updating thee numb of learners. i will do it later, anyway till now we can host 40ppl, i asked to immobilien if we can host more but i’m still waiting for an answer

(Rachel Uwa) #77

thanks @anaketa! a friend wrote me and asked if she could go–she’s not too far on the waitlist so wanted to see the status-- you guys are organizing a very popular workshop! wish i was there to help, bet it will be a good time!:slight_smile:

(giorgia) #78

@mrflix and @qate_oh welcome on board! :slight_smile:
@qate_oh there is no problem at all if you are beginner too. Indeed we love the fact that beginner or bit more advanced could help and we want to help them to fell more confident!
Whom don’t have any task yet, please have a look at the coaches meeting notes and pick up a topic in order to help to finish this workshop!
I want to see 1.000 of PR! :smiley:

(m_besser) #79

Hey Folks, totally missed the progress of this conversation…
I’d like to coach as well. Count me in on the 19th :smile:


(stiller-leser) #80

I missed the progress aswell. So sorry for the late answer, but count me in. I’m still working on the slides, but they’ll be ready. So far I got a short intro to HTML and its history and a basic overview (structure of the file etc.). @anaketa You are introducing OTS at the workshop?

So long,