Add meetups to WWWTF?


I added the Rust Hack & Learn to the the WWWTF. Should we add the other events as well?

For those that don’t know, the WWWTF is the week before JSConf EU and serves to highlight community events in the days before and after the conf.


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@xMartin what’s the learners status with JS workshop? Should we add it there?

Also maybe the Frontend co-learning?

We can add the Web Frontend Co-Learning in that week for sure! Maybe also Python/Ruby Co-Learning.

@ben @mamhoff

@anaketa what status do you mean?

i mean if the workshop is already full or we have still spots left.
I don’t think make sense to advertise if is already full

It does :wink: . Spreading the word about OTS, getting coaches and others excited about things happening …

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oh, ok. Anyway i didn’t notice the WWWTF is on may and the workshop is on March. Hahah

I added the Web Frontend Co-Learning: