Adding an OTS chapter web page

This involves modifying the website through its git/github repository, here.

Firstly, create the page to be rendered by jekyll by creating the file cityName/
For example, melbourne/ (or copy and edit it from another city’s ;))

You can see metadata fields at the top of the file. I’ll list them here with # comments explaining them.

layout: city # required, template for jekyll
title: Melbourne # required, capitalized, same as in the data files mentioned later
tagline: "Great learning is achieved with great coffee!" # required, for being interesting
meetupcom_group: OpenTechSchool-Melbourne # required, this is in your meetup page's url
rss_feed: melbourne # optional, relates to a tag for the OTS blog if you have any blog posts about your chapter
twitter: OTS_AU # optional, if this group wants a twitter account's tweets showing
widget_id: 393411216825016320 # optional, this is the id for the twitter account widget
custom_events: "We're also on <a href=\"\">Techup</a>." # optional, otherwise just meetup events will be displayed
mailing_list: discuss.australia # optional, if you have a mailing list you want people to sign up to

Some cities have most of these, some only have a few, there is no need to feel that you should try to get all of them.

In the main content of is markdown format content. We have mostly stuck to an ‘About’ title and some explanatory text about the chapter, but you could be creative if you wish.

Next you’ll need to edit the two metadata files in the _data folder. Their format is yaml, but it should be pretty obvious how to add more values in the same way for a new city and for new team members of that city.

You’ll want to put image files for the members/paths you listed in members.yml in the images/team folder. They should be exactly square, and a resolution like 200x200 or 400x400. jpg’s are usually best for file sizes of a person’s face.

Lastly, you’ll want to add a background image for your page. You can see existing examples by the name of bg_<city>.jpg in the images folder. If you know sass, you can add the corresponding rules for it in _city.scss, or ask another member to add a commit for it. the compass tool will compile it into our css files which should be committed at the same time.

That should be it. After everything is done correctly, jekyll both on your own computer and through github should be able to render your new page.

Of course if anything is confusing, please ask!

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