Anybody interested in coaching an OTS intro to SQL workshop/tutorial?

Hey *,

two friends of mine want to do a workshop on SQL programming with OTS, probably some time in October. I think that is a cool idea, and would also be happy to coach that myself. Who else would be interested in coaching such a workshop?

They plan to prepare the tutorial in September, and I will take care of the logistics. However, if anybody wants to help with either writing the tutorial materials or the workshop logistics, that is also appreciated :wink:




We picked the 2nd of November (around 4hrs), location will be co-up. So who could help out? :slight_smile:

@ben, @haiko, @amelie, @robert am sure you know a thing or two about SQL DBs, and maybe you can also suggest other potential coaches? :wink:

I’m embarrassingly bad at SQL. Coaching would be an incentive to improve, I guess. So count me in as coach. Won’t have time for orga or material, however.

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Same as @haiko here. I need to improve on my SQL skills, so I’d love to coach if I am available then (I don’t have visibility for early November yet). So keep me in the loop.

I really would not know where to start to create curriculum for this topic and I have plenty on my plate already for September and October so if you do not mind I won’t help with the tutorial material or workshop logistics. I hope it’s alright.

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Also maybe @mamhoff would be interested in coaching too?

Thanks @haiko and @amelie, that is great to hear. :slight_smile: I think we are fine with logistics and material preparation, so that part is entirely optional only if somebody wants to.

I’d be in. I need to improve those skills as well, and coaching would definitely be a great way of doing so. I’m happy to look over materials, however, would not necessarily write them. I’m good at spotting spelling and grammar mistakes as well as the occasional non sequitur.

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I have done a lot of SQL some years ago and can help with coaching.

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Awesome :slight_smile: I will keep all of you updated.

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If the date for the workshop is Sunday, 2nd November you can count me in!


Thanks :slight_smile:

I can’t promise anything, as I don’t live in Berlin… And I’m too new here, so I’m not sure I could be a coach… But I know a lot of SQL (old school) and I’m sure interested in coaching! And there is a chance I’ll be moving there if my visa comes out soon enough.

Being new is certainly no reason not to coach, if you want to :slight_smile:

Let me know how your visa situation works out, I will keep you in mind as possible extra coach. Good luck with that!

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Hey everyone,

a few of you have been asking me for updates in person, so just a short note: The workshop is still scheduled as planned :slight_smile: My friends are working on the tutorial, and I opened the registration for the workshop here:

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Heya @stephrdev @ulrike @mamhoff @amelie @haiko

just wanted to check in with you that all of you still want to coach next Sunday (2nd of Nov) from 14:00-18:00. Would be great to receive a short confirmation from you. We currently have 25 excited learners signed up, plus 10 in the waiting list. Depending on how many of you will coach, I might let in a few more people. :slight_smile:

The materials are mostly done, and we are looking to publish them as Github Pages in the next couple of days. We will have a short pre-meeting for the coaches at 13:00 on Sunday at the site (co-up 3rd floor) to discuss the workshop.

Let me know if that works for you, and thanks again for volunteering! :slight_smile:

Cheers, Ellen

Hey @Ellen, I am sorry I cannot make it this time, but please let me know when you do it again.

I’m still in!

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I’m still in as well.

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Count me in! :slight_smile: Looking forward to the workshop.

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Great, that makes six of us in total (including myself and my two friends that are working on the tutorial). I am not counting on Amelie right now, since I know she just returns from a trip to Taiwan that morning, and probably has other things to take care of that afternoon.
Given the usual no-show rate, I will accept another 5 people from the waitlist.

See you on Sunday! :smile:

@ulrike, I will certainly keep you in the loop if we repeat the workshop.