SQL workshop re-run

Hey @ellen,

I’m already committed to co-organizing ClojureBridge for this summer, so I probably won’t have time to organize another event until fall 2015.

That said, is it just about finding a space and a few coaches?

I assume we can use the same promotional materials and tutorial from the first workshop…and maybe you know some coaches already? :smiley:

And once we list it, the learners will come.

Yes, it is not much work, just like you described. We could probably host at co-up and ask the coaches from last time to join again. And learners will come by themselves. I just can’t add any additionaly responsibilities to track to my brain right now. If you (or any other volunteer) could take care of that, I would be happy to have another ws.

I’ll get a doodle going for the coaches to get 2 or 3 date possibilities for co.up. How can I best get in touch with them?

Edited to add: how many hours is the workshop? I assume it’s a one-day workshop?

I have another idea: why not have a set workshop date every quarter at co.up and different coaches can just take it over. Then the datefinding at co-up is systematized, and no one needs to organize it again every time?

Hi Bettina,

you can reach out to Aleks at co-up (I will pm you the e-mail). The workshop was 4 hrs last time.

Regarding a regular WS slot, we tried that last year, but it did not take off since you still need to find a coordinator for each WS and need to find the coaches. It turned out to only make things more complicated.

Hi Ellen,

thanks for letting me know.

Here’s the doodle for the coaches–I left out Easter weekend and weekends that I personally am already busy: http://doodle.com/84xt5pet57kxbbwh

How can I get that out to the coaches from last time?

After that I’ll get in touch with Aleks with the top 3 slots.

Enjoy your evening!

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Hey Bettina,

you can find most of the previous coaches here (plus, there are the two friends of mine, which I can contact via e-mail):

Thanks for taking this on :smile:

Hi Ellen,

as of right now only two coaches have filled out the Doodle for Sat, April 25, so I just emailed Aleks to ask if co.up is free at that time.

Enjoy your weekend!

Hi Bettina,

great. Please also promote the date towards the coaches (and coaching interested) from the last workshop:

@stephrdev @ulrike @mamhoff @amelie @haiko

Thanks, Ellen

Sadly, no date in the doodle is possible for me. But I would be happy to help out in fall 2015 again.

Best, Stephan

Right now @haiko @ellen @inka and @matthias can coach on Sat, April 25 from 1 to 5pm. I’ve reserved the space with Aleks.

I would like to announce this on meetup so that Aleks can link to it from the co.up calendar.

Some questions I have:


Yes, 3-4 learners per coach is a good ratio. You can also factor in a no show rate. I think we usually add 20%.

Yes, exactly.

@stephrdev @ulrike @mamhoff @amelie @bastianalbers – Would any of you like to coach for 4 hours on Sat, April 25 for the SQL workshop?

Right now we have 4 coaches on board, so we can reach 16 learners.

It would be great to have at least 2 more coaches so that we can have a total of 30 people (6 coaches + 24 learners) in total.

EDITED to include the new meetup announcement: http://www.meetup.com/opentechschool-berlin/events/221088152/

Oh thanks @haiko – I forgot about the 20%, good point.

I might be able to come and coach, can’t say for certain yet. My SQL is a little rusty, it’s been some years, but i should be fine… Will try to clear the date…

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Hey @bettina, I noticed you set the RSVP limit to 16, but in the invitation it says 20 spots. I think you forgot to adjust the RSVPs for the 20% no-show rate :smile:

I can come and coach.

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Hi @ellen – oh thanks good point! I changed the RSVP now to 25 learners because @ulrike can coach.

It would be really awesome if @bastianalbers or anyone else can coach too, because we have 16 learners on the waitlist ?!?!

@ellen @haiko @ulrike – Do you know of any other coaches I could reach out to?

One last thing – @ellen you’ll bring the co.up key, right?

Yes, I will bring the co-up key.

New coach named Moritz can also coach, and I invited him to join the discourse thread.