Berlin Web Frontend Co-Learning special topic Wordpress

We’re planning to have a special topic “Wordpress” in addition to the usual general Web Frontend Co-Learning on 20 May.

@mauriciodisilvestro is running his own workshops and offers to do something in cooperation with OTS. We think we can add some cross-promotion here.

As we are about frontend a focus on theming would make sense but as it will be Co-Learning style it’s going to be rather open.


Hello Martin and OpenSchoolers.
Sorry for the delay. I’ve been on a work break the last week.
A friend of mine, who also develops with WordPress showed interest in organizing the workshop together. I’d have to confirm if she is available on May 20th, but if so, you can count with both of us now. Anybody else?

Any news? Will you do it in any case? Then we should start promoting.

Hello Martin, I’m still waiting for confirmation from the other developer. If it’s a small group, yes, I can take it.

I mean, in case she doesn’t comes back to me in the next days, I can confirm I’m coming.

Are we doing it? If yes, any proposal how to describe and advertise it? It will focus on theming, right?

Hello Martin.
Sorry, I don’t know why, but I didn’t receive a notification on my mail of your last reply to this thread and thought you might have been busy to get back to me. I checked my Spam folder too and nothing. I was looking forward.
I just checked the meetup group and saw it’s not mentioned. At this point, it wouldn’t make too much sense to make it this time. Don’t you think?
If you’re still interested on doing this, what should I send you? 5-6 lines about what can I offer?


Yes, a few line would be great.