Call for Coaches: Kiron Study Weekend 8./9. Dec in Berlin

From December 7.-10. we at Kiron Open Higher Education for Refugees are organizing a Study Weekend in Berlin with 15-20 of our students from all over Germany coming together for some coding workshops on Friday 8. and Saturday 9. December.

We have four workshop slots open on Friday and Saturday, plus some social activities in the afternoons/evenings. The workshops will take place at Migration Hub on Friday and at the Kiron office on Saturday. And we are still looking for some support from coaches for the following workshops:

  • Friday starting at 10 am: Social Coding with Github (1-2 coaches needed)
  • Friday starting at 1 pm: Starting HTML & CSS (1-2 coaches needed) and something Python (probably not beginners, but a little advanced, maybe data processing) (2-3 coaches needed)
  • Friday starting at 6pm: Food and Gaming night at Kiron office :wink: join us for some fun!
  • Saturday starting at 9:30 am: second part of Friday afternoon workshops (2-5 coaches needed)
  • Saturday starting at 1 pm: Crypto Party (0-1 coaches needed)
  • Saturday starting 5 pm: excursion to Computerspiele Museum, join us!

If you would like to help us out as a coach or in planning an exciting two-day Python data challenge, just respond below. We would love your support!

Thanks in advance! Cheers, Conny

Hi, I can coach “Starting HTML & CSS” but only on saturday, because I am working on Friday.

Would that help?

Hi @guergana,

That would be wonderful! Have you coached the workshop before? Do you know how long it normally takes people to get through it? Maybe including going through some extras in the end?

We will start out on Friday afternoon, but continue on Saturday morning if necessary. Would 9:30 work for you?

I’d recommend to consider the CSSClasses material for HTML/CSS instead. Maybe @bastianalbers can give some insights.

Yes, for people with no prior knowledge the CSSclasses materials are a little better, as trying to learn how CSS works and learn basic layoute techniques in one day has proven to be a little much for one day. That’s why we created these materials with an approach that’s a little more playful and fun. While properly explaining the basics you need (HTML Elements, CSS selectors & properties) you can directly jump into fun stuff like transitions and animations and that turned out to be very motivating for a lot of people. Also, i can call for more coaches, although friday on a short notice might be tough for most…


Hello, Cornelia

I have never coached this workshop before. I could come to help out on Saturday, is it possible to start at around 11am?

Thanks @bastianalbers and @xMartin for the hint! We can definitely use those materials instead.

It would indeed be great to have at least 1-2 more coaches for Friday. But the group might be much smaller than 15 for this workshop as we will split them up and there seem to be many more advanced than beginners learners. So, probably the Python group will be bigger.

Hi again @guergana,
The second part of the HTML/CSS workshop on Saturday will start at 9:30 at the Kiron office. I know this is a little early, and I myself am not entirely happy with that, but the students are coming to Berlin specifically for that, so we want to use as much time as possible. However, the schedule is quite tight and around 1 pm we plan to finish up and move on to the Crypto Party. I don’t know how much sense it makes to join at 11 then, but we’d definitely love to have you :heart:, so that’s up to you, I’d say.

Anyone else for coaching a Python data workshop out there? :snake:

I understand, I would love to participate but I guess it will have to be in a future workshop. Please feel free to contact me for future events if you need coaching assistance.

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@anaketa can we use the GitHub teams for contacting potential coaches?

Sure but it was more an experiment and there are not so many people there :frowning:
Maybe you can try tag groups here on discourse like TeamBerlin and search for others that make sense.
I might also have a list of frontend potencial coaches… i will check it and let you know.
we still have to get better at this :frowning:

Thanks for all your enthusiam! :heart:

Is there a tag for a Python (+ Data Science) group of coaches (in Berlin)? I’d love to have one or more of them on board. (I know this is getting quite short notice now…)

Tagging some Python people: @ellen @haiko @andreas @chiara

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By the way, I’d love to help with the HTML/CSS (or JavaScript) stuff but I cannot do Friday and Saturday 9:30 is a bit too early for me this weekend. Let me know if it makes sense for me to stop by Saturday anyway.

Thanks @xMartin! I totally understand and know the timing is not ideal. As I told Guergana, I’m guessing it doesn’t make that much sense this time to join later on Saturday, as we will be wrapping up the workshop around 12:30 - 1 pm. But I will definitely reach out to you guys again (less short notice!) next time!

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unfortunately we don’t have language tag… but maybe there are interested people in science hack team? @ScienceHackingBLN

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hi, joram from sciencehackdayberlin here. Sure, we’re always happy to provide a network to find like-minded people. The best way is either to join our facebook group or to come in person to our meetups and talk to people there.

Thanks, @Joram sounds good! But I guess this time it’s too short notice now, as the workshop will be in 2 days. But I’ll maybe drop by afterwards for future exchange :v:

If you drop me a line over pm with some details I can spread the word over our twitter channel.