Saturday 8th April - Coaches needed for welcoming-refugees event

After the success of the last Javascript for Absolute Beginner at Neue Nachbarschaft in Moabit (you can read more here ), we decided to support Neue Nachbarschaft with a series of co-learning style events where Neue Nachbarschaft community get together and keep learning and experimenting with code.

The events will be mostly organized and runned by Neue Nachbarschaft with the partnership of OTS.
We would like to keep supporting them with offering our technical skills and experience.
You can find out more information about the event here:

We need coaches to support new learners.
Anyone willing and available to show up this Saturday 8th April at Neue Nachbarschaft Moabit?
There will be no curriculum, is co-learning style so you would likely work on your stuff and help around if there is any question


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This Saturday I’m already planned out, as it stands now, but Easter Saturday I could come, if it’s now a weekly thing or so. (Afterwards I’m on holiday the next two Saturdays though.)

Is it to open for other learners, outside of Neue Nachbarschaft to join again?

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They are planning to do it every two weeks, just keep an eye on their facebook event.
We will also share the events and ask around for coaches so you definetly will be notify.

For now they decided to keep close to people of Neue Nachbarschaft and people that participate to the JS workshop.
Is a delicate decision for OTS because we always try to be as open as possible but in this case is necessary to keep the group smaller, at least at the beginning in order to keep the refugees number high and make them feel comfortable.
If we open to everybody is likely that most of the people interested will be expats or locals and refugees usually don’t feel good fit and miss the opportunity.

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Sorry i’m a little bit late on this! I’ll come and coach tomorrow!

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