Co-Learning and a catchy Name for a Continuous Learning Group

Hi, I’m the main organizer of the “Js OTS Learners Group” in Berlin. We’re trying to improve this weekly event by shifting the focus from anything JavaScript to anything web frontend (HTML/CSS/JavaScript) and by finding a better title.

The original idea was to create an event where workshop participants can keep on learning. When the Python people took up that concept they called it “continuous learning group” which makes a lot of sense but isn’t very catchy.

I was brainstorming on a name for the format and “co-learning” came to my mind. To me it sounds like very open, all-levels, helping each other, not necessarily lectures, exactly what it is and also “learning group” sounds kinda lame, no? What do you think?

Co-learning is a term that seems to be used in science, too, but I find it a nice fit for OTS in general and the continuous learning group concept in particular. So maybe we’ll call it Web Frontend Co-Learning Night or something. Feedback welcome. Also if you like it, would you want to use it for something else, too?

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Yeah, continuous learning mostly has its name from the differentiation to one-time-learning events (like workshops) and it supposed to mean an on-going effort but the name isn’t catchy at all.

I vote +1 for Co-Learning. I could see renaming the python meetings to “Co-Learning Python”, too (though I got used to saying and writing “continuous” :wink: ) if @amelie and @haiko agree.

Regarding extending the scope, we were also thinking of setting up a general “Hacknight” (once a week or every two weeks) without any specific technology or language as focus. But generally we have also been helping with non-python things at the Python group (like Javascript, or last time C#/.Net).

+1 on both Co-Learning and having a technology agnostic version of it.


Same here.
My only concern would be: do we have enough people to host yet another evening of co-learning during the week (or even every two weeks?). We should check that first.

How about “Coding Circles” or something like this? You know, like “book circles”.

Coding circle(s) sounds really cool. I am not too fond of co-learning (sounds too buzzwordy to me), but I also rather like the traditional name of “continuous learning group”

For now we named our event “Web Frontend Co-Learning”. I want to write a blog post about it but who know when I get around doing that…

For the record, here’s the rest of the new description:

This is all about building things in the browser: HTML, CSS and lots of JavaScript.

We are a friendly group that meets every Wednesday (except the first Wednesday of the month when there is the general Learners Meetup) to learn together and work on our projects. Bring your laptop and your challenges and questions. There’s always someone around that is happy to help you or is happy to get some help. No matter if you are a total newbie or an expert, we want to learn from each other.

Usually there is no talks or lessons planned but we can come up with something together if there’s interest.

If you don’t have a project to work on or don’t know where to start it’s also a good idea to do some online classes or tutorials instead. For example check out some of our OpenTechSchool workshop material:

• JavaScript for Beginners 1

• JavaScript for Beginners 2

• Intro to HTML/CSS

We speak German and English, sometimes even Italian and of course code. Just come by and check it out! Oh, and bring some snacks, maybe :wink:

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As a newcomer and struggling to understand what this is and anything related to it, I must say having a label to it helps quite a lot and from what I learned about it so far, Co-Learning sounds awesome! :slight_smile:

I’ve renamed the Series here in Berlin into “Python Co-Learning” from now on. Let’s see if that catches on :slight_smile: .