Presenting the C++ Continuous Learning Group


When setting up the Zurich chapter, Robert created a Meetup and left the door open for external people to propose new events that could be accepted by consensus.

About a month ago, Parisa proposed a “Learning C++ as a beginner” Meetup and it got accepted.

Being already a Python coach @ OTS and being interested in learning more C++, I decided to help setting it up and try to frame it in a way that it better fits the existing OTS projects.

Well, there was not much to do. Basically, all I had to do (after having presented to the learners what OTS is) was to propose that our Meetup would formally be a Continuous Learning Group.
Not all points in the definition are met, but I think that we are pretty close…

Here you can read the description of next week’s Meetup:

For now, we’re going through “Programming – Principles and Practice Using C++” by Bjarne Straustrup. Chapter by chapter.

Personally, I already know a few programming languages and I have already produced C++ code in the past so - while having an interesting read - I’ve not too been too hard challenged during the first chapters and started taking notes for what could become a C++ workshop for OTS.

So, what’s it’ all about?

  • now you know that there is a Continuous Learning Group on C++ in Zürich!
  • you welcome to give us some hints for improving it…
  • and we can add it to the list of activities on the web page of the zurich chapter.
  • finally, if somebody wants to help creating a C++ workshop, please get in touch with me (or simply reply below).

Have a wonderful day


That is great! Thanks you!