Code.weeks award - won the prize

Hey everyone

So I applied for the code.week just before the end of last year with a title: creative coding/electronics and science which includes more or less all the groups I’m involved in (or was in the case of physical computing)…
And it won the prize award, which I’ll use to order electronics starter kit kindof material and and stuff for an young science hack day, which I plan to do end of April.

That means I’ll organise several intro workshops for children/teenagers from march on until august around these topics. Most (or probably all) of these workshops will be take place at IXDS (Paul-Linke-Ufer) and have up to 10 participants.

So this is shoutout for coaches. If you want to get involved with something- get it in touch!

p.s. is there a IT labs Category.


@ramin Congratulations! I don’t know electronics so I can’t help coach, but I just wanted to tell you that it’s cool you won the prize!