Starting OTS Göttingen, DE - EU Code Week Kickoff

After an awesome experience at OTS Conference and inspiration from the infinitely super Dortmund team + Martin, the wheels are in motion to start OpenTechSchool in Göttingen - the City of Science. We already had a number of people express interest in other learning topics (and a less gender-specific group name) from Rails Girls Göttingen, so hopefully we can build a small, but dedicated, group here.

Our plan? Kick off OTS GOE with a hands-on event co-hosted with Rails Girls GOE on 11 October in support of EU Code Week.

What are we looking for?

  1. Support from the OTS community in form of welcome videos/messages/social shouts
  1. Sponsors for the kickoff event
  • We will be contacting local people for room/internet, but any tips/advice welcome
  • Advice on getting funds from any of the EU tech initiatives?
  1. Lightning Talk Speakers & Smiling Faces
    • There is particular interest in Python. If any Pypeople (and any OTS folks for that matter) feel like checking out the city home to the most science Nobel Laureates, one of the oldest and most visited European universities, the famous Gänseliesel, and “Measurement Valley,” we would welcome you with loads of hospitality (not sure about more unless we get sponsors ; ))

Thanks to the foundation for creating this community. We are excited to contribute!


I have forwarded your request to some people I know in Göttingen, will ping you whenever I hear back from them.

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Thanks Robert! And also to everyone else who’s retweeted, said hello etc. :kissing_heart:

We received a Google grant, and we’re now trying to lock down our event venue.

Also, we’re still looking for speakers to give 5 minute, beginner level lightning talk on JavaScript or Python (what it is, what people are building with it, & short live example). If someone has interest, let me know what it would take to bring you here if you’re not local.

Any Python people want to help Göttingen to get started? Please ask around. Travel expenses possibly covered.
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Hey @OTSGOE, how are the preparations for the event going? Sorry that so far no experience OTS member turned up to come to Göttingen. Anything else how we can support you?