Community Call #16.5

Let’s get into the rhythm again: The next OpenTechSchool Community Call is scheduled for May 17.

Community Call #16.5
Tuesday, May 17th
7pm CET
Google Hangouts

You can find the video call in the event linked above — please connect independently at the advertised time. The previous editions can be found on Discourse. Please also add your topics to the agenda.


Reminder: This is happening tonight.

Paging last Discourse participants @ben @ale @niccokunzmann @anouk @xMartin @chiara @bastianalbers @nicolai.


Ah, oops! The one time I’m in a suitable timezone for one of these and I got distracted by other things and lost track of time :(!

sorry, tuesday at 19:00 it’s not the best for me…

as noted in the minutes, it’s when the three co-learning groups start…

and since we’re in the starting blocks, i guess that the ones who are currently active there can not join an online meeting : - (