Community Call #17.10

The next edition of the OpenTechSchool Community Call is scheduled for October 11.

Community Call #17.10
Wednesday, October 11th
7pm CEST
Google Hangouts

You can find the video call in the event linked above — please connect independently at the advertised time. The previous edition can be found on Discourse or in the meeting minutes. Also see the most recent General Assembly. Please also add your topics to the agenda.

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@robert maybe you want to tag all OTS teams so people from different countries are aware of it :slight_smile:
Also would be good to tweet about it, can you do that or should we take care of it?

I was on vacation for the past two weeks — could you go ahead and tag the relevant people, @anaketa?

@TeamHamburg @TeamBrussels @TeamZurich @TeamMilan @TeamBerlin @TeamAustralia @manuele

Ah, that’s tonight, right! I’ll try to come to co.up early so maybe we can do the call together?

Thanks everybody for attending! Please find the meeting minutes attached or over at Google Docs. The next edition of the Community Call will be advertised shortly.

  • Status updates
    • Zurich:
      • [ale] Co-Learning C++/Python combined
      • Very group-oriented, 10–15 ppl, weekly
      • Another group starting on Sundays, bit more guided (go through n chapters per week; restart every x weeks).
      • Python: Learn Python the Hard Way
      • C++: solo learn app (android + ios + web)
      • Java: Java the Hard Way
      • Simple exercises written down on cards which we can pick by random.
      • CodeWeek EU is ongoing!
        • …but we’re too late…
        • Let’s maybe have something next year?
        • [bastian] By the way, we’re happy to promote these (free) kind of initiatives.
    • Berlin:
      • [stefan] Web Frontend Co-Learning
        • New CSSclasses. \o/
      • Go
      • [bastian] People from a government startup program asked about OTS.
        • Once again, people were surprised we don’t need money.
        • There will be follow-up.
      • We have a doc with “friend” tech initiatives.
    • [mathilde] Berlin Science Hack Day
      • Yearly hackathon w/ designers, programmers, etc.
      • 5th edition this year: 17–19 of November
      • Registration opens October 30th
      • New category on Discourse with more updates coming.
    • Milan:
  • General Assembly
  • Website
    • [giorgia] Progress is slow but steady.
    • We’re currently working on the menu, and also have a designer.
    • It’s an information-dense website, and working on your own is discouraging. Please step up if you want to contribute!
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Here is the spreadsheet i mentioned that lists Berlin tech community learning initiatives:

Out of that grew the idea of creating a community-overarching learning initiatives page, feel free to contribute, it is not more than a concept yet: