Gauging interest in course on app development

Full disclosure, I work for

My job is helping developers. I help existing developers who work with our platform do their job better. I try to help developers who want to learn to use our technologies.

I really love the OTS way. Free learning, Open source solutions. Open source training materials. I’d like anyone in the world to be able to pick up quality training materials and run a workshop to help others build apps using our platform.

I’m new, and have only used some online material from OTS as of now, so any suggestions from the community here would be much appreciated.

The overall goal behind coaching programming is to empower people. As for that the OpenTechSchool Community is coaching overall concepts and ideas and not very interested in a specific tool, platform or product. For some aspect it makes a hell lot of sense to go for a specific tool and even give some hints about it here and there, but that is – if at all – only a side aspect that we make sure the learners understand as one tool to get the job done (but there are plenty others and they should decide themselves). Therefore a project that explains how to build an app on a specific platform is out of the scope of OTS – especially if that platform itself is a commercial (for profit) product requiring lock-in from the developers.

Closing this topic.