General Assembly and Board Election 2017

Finally we organise our Commmunity OTS General Assembly

Save the Date: 02.09.2017

First half of the day is about what we have done so far:
We are going to give an overview of OTS in this last year, share our financial situation,
share our achivements or new formats.
At the end of the first part, new board is going to be elected.

In the second half of the day we let our creativite go and we discuss new ideas, visions and goals.
This meeting is open to everybody, we encourage all the people, learners/coaches/organizers to be part of it and share your idea and feedbacks.
You don’t have to be there for all the time.
You can also join us remotly from anywhere in the world.

To vote new board memeber you must be a foundation members.
If you are not yet and are willing to, please do it here:

If you are willing to be propose your self as Board Member, please write to

More informations on how to vote, will come.

Here you can find the rough Agenda of what we are going to talk about

General Assembly 2017 - 02.09.2017

Agenda proposal

Point we must go through:
Board present Financial Report 2015 and 2016: foundation members have to confirm it
New Board Election

Time Schedule
10:00 – Meet at the office, set up the space, breakfast together

10.30 – Board present Financial Reports

11.00 - 12.00 – New Board Election

12:00 - 12.30 – Review of last year actions (each group say 5mins sum up about who they are, what they do, which improvements they have done, which problems they face/faced, what they are proud of.)

12:30 - 13:30 – Hangout with remote participants (Time will depends from how many Hangouts we have)
Quick Intro:
which events format you run (e.g. JS for beginners workshop, Arduino workshop, Django workshop)
number of people in your core team (if possible / not too private, with names – we want to try to know each other better!)
a review of how you think your group is going, what’s the response of the learners, how many learners now and at the beginning.
plans for the future of your group
suggestions / questions / feedbacks about OTS as a global organisation
Topic: the global OTS
Topic: a better OTS (what’s missing for clear communication of our network/idea, what partners are missing, what infrastructure is missing bla bla bla)

13.30 - 14.00 - Ideas Exchange. Free discussion time aimed to exchange ideas between all diverse groups and improve each of them.
Hangouts with remotes, still on.

14:00 - 14:30 – lunch break!

14:30 - 16:30
OTS branding
Chapter alignement
How make OTS stronger
Marketing / Promotion / Spread out the messages -> find volunteer for marketing
Make our community feel more community
Internal Tools share responsibilities

16:30 - 17:00 – break

17:00 - 18:00 - Future
Proposals, Ideas for the future
actions listing
wrapping up the day

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@TeamZurich @TeamBerlin @TeamBrussels @TeamDortmund @TeamMilan @TeamAustralia:
Please save the date!!
It woudl be really awesome to have at least one organiser from each team
if i forgot someone, please tag it :slight_smile:

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If anyone would like to help organizing this event, here you can find the tasks in need to be done:

(if you are not part of OTS org. in Trello, you probably cannot see this link, ping me with your email and i will add you)

The GA is coming closer and closer.
Please teams:
@TeamZurich @TeamBerlin @TeamBrussels @TeamDortmund @TeamMilan @TeamAustralia

Can you tell us when you think you will be abel to join us? Which hour in Berlin time?
Even 30mins are great!

hi giorgia,

personally, i think that the best is if you can propose a few times and then get us to give our votes on a … (or just add a poll to this thread, if the needed plugin is activated…)

Hello @ale
So far we have no candidates for the board so if you have any one in mind you can send an email to and we will probably vote on the day of the General Assembly Meeting.

What i actually meant in my previous post was more about having at least a person from each chapter present during the meeting in order to share some ideas, feedbacks, experiences, …
From the agenda you can see we reserve time for talk with other chapter from 12:30 - 13:30
Anyway you can join at any time for how long you like :slight_smile:

Vote will happen around 11.00 - 12.00

ciao giorgia,

i talked to the other guy, who is regularly active here in zurich, but he declined the offer to be in the OTS board.

so, sorry, i don’t know any further possible candidate for the OTS board.

i’ve reserved the date and i will try to be around between 12:30 and 13:30…
and maybe at other times, too…
(but longer distant participation tends to be a bit boring most of the time : - )


Hey Ale, thank you …for everything.
I’m happy that you will join us! Looking forward to hear what Zurich chapter is doing lately :slight_smile:

I’ll try to swing by, but will likely only attend some middle portion of the assembly. Are you sharing the Hangout details here?

Hey everyone,

Manuele from Italy,
we’ll be “there” via hangout at 12:30 :slight_smile:

I’m also very likely to miss the Board election. Who are the candidates? I’m happy to cast my vote online.

Hey everybody, of course we are sharing the Hangouts here!
And we will also give a link to where you could vote remotely.
So far there is no candidates, therefore there is no list. That’s also the main reason why we didn’t send any remote vote option yet.
We will give some more info here between today and Friday

I’ll try and join via Hangouts :slight_smile:

Meeting will officialy start in 15mins

Here is the link to follow:

Thank you to all the people that participate. It was great to see al of you and inspiring to hear all your stories!
We will post here soon the meetings note and the follow up actions.

A bit in late but here are the UNOFFICIAL meeting notes from GA 2017:

Official report was already sent to members of “OTS Verein” and they are currently voting.

#General Assembly 2017 - 02.09.2017

##Meetings note:
Martin Stadler (Vorstandsvorsitzender)
Giorgia Sambrotta
Rachel Uwa
Bastian Albers
Florian Gilcher
Martin Meyerhoff
Robert Lehmann
Nicolai von Neudeck

Guest from other Community:
Ale (Zürich Chapter)
Chiara (Berlin Chapter)
Manuele (Romagna Chapter)
Michela (Romagna Chapter)

2013 Ots review meeting
2015 Ots Review Meeting | Forum topic

10-11: breakfast + waiting for more people
11.00: start meeting
11-12: financial overview - The Board explains the annual financial report of 2015 and 2016 distributed in advance. There is also no need for clarification
12.10-12.45: New board members are nominate.
The meeting is not a quorum, since less than a third of all members (currently 29) are present.
The Board decides to use the meeting to prepare the resolutions for the circulation procedure and to continue with the agenda.
The present members discuss potential candidates. As a result of the election:
Bastian Albers (Chairman)
Giorgia Sambrotta (first deputy)
Martin Meyerhoff (second deputy)
The candidates are willing to accept a possible choice.
The Board proposes members of the Executive Board to be honorary members.

12.45 - 14.00: Teams feedback
Ale from Zurich
Try to build a community but most of the ppl are looking for specific coach

Chiara from Berlin (Python, Learners meetup)
Manuele about the relatively new Chapter “Romagna” (Italy) and their JavaScript Co-Learnings
Florian from Berlin (Rusthack and Learn in Berlin)
MartinM from Berlin (Ruby)
Martin S from Berlin (Web Frontend Co-Learning and the Career Night)
Giorgia from Berlin (JavaScript Workshop with Refugees)

Common feedback:
Having general survey form to send out and understand why people leave/come back/get involved etc.
Advertisements to get more people
OTS newsletter

14:00 general discussion:
Survey: everybody agrees having them would be nice. Rust community send out one per year and it works very good. Doesn’t need to be too short but questions should be answered very quickly.

It’s also a good way for people to clarify what they want, keep in touch, allow people to ask questions they don’t dare to during the meetup.

We need to understand what we want to achieve, which info we want to know?
Do we want someone to create this questionaire in a professional, structured way or do we just create our own questionaire and then see?

Proposal: 1 survey after meetups/workshops, 1 global yearly survey
How to collect contacts: url on paper to give to ppl, leave a paper where they can write their email.

Bastian: Will come up with follow up!

14:40 - Team that takes care of Global OTS
Past experience of grouping international chapters wasn’t very successful.
We had also great Community Calls but not so many people showed up.

Idea: small group of people from different chapters instead not just one pushing this.
Give them a small projects -> like newsletters
Ale: we need to make people know that it can be interesting for them. Suggested to use themes/special topics announced beforehand so people know what calls are about.
Community Calls: Robert take care of this again

Newsletter/Social: We need someone to take this over and is paid to make real work.
Recurrent topic - not sure how to do.
We need a community manager
We cannot pay someone now but we all agree we need one.
We keep looking for volunteer helping out with this.

Giorgia will take care of organize newsletter at least for more important communication

Final discussion point was listening to information about how to possibly integrate OTS Foundation e.V. into Ruby e.V. Must wait on progress of Ruby e.V. themselves but will keep an eye out for possibilities.

The Board announces that the points to be decided will be put to the vote in the round table. The chairman thanked the audience and closed the meeting around 4 pm.