Git & Github Workshop in March 2015

Hello Everybody,

I would like to organize a Git Workshop for Beginners and slightly advanced Git User. I was thinking about two afternoons over a weekend in March. Are there a) Coaches b) Co-Organizer and c) potential Attendees?


I have never been an OTS coach, but I would like to share my knowledge about git. Can I participate? Weekend in March sounds good.

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Hey @netznarkose,

I’d be in; and so far all my march weekends are still free. Have you looked at our material on I’ve taken part in that workshop as a coach and learner before, and it’s a great intro for beginners. As for the second afternoon: What do you think should be in there? BTW, here’s a great talk by @nusco on Git Internals:

Best Martin

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Hello Netznarkose,

I can also help as a coach. I have coaching experience with RailsGirls and Hackership and I gave two Git talks/workshops for Hackership.


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Wow, nice to get three supporting replys immediately :slight_smile:

Ellen from the Learner Meetup told me that Git Workshops took place at OTS but I did not know about the great learning Material. Cool, I was actually thinking about something like that!
I had two afternoons in mind, to have time for diving a little bit deeper into Git, one afternoon feels very little and c’mon it is a complex, important and interessting subject.
For the date I would suggest to wait for more potential Coaches showing up and then try to get it set.

Cheers Max

@zormit cool, of course!

This sounds fun, I would gladly help coach. I should be free most weekends in March.

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I am interested to join as attendee. I think it is a great idea, for beginners like me.

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i really like the idea and would like to join as attendee :slight_smile:

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+1 as an attendee :slight_smile: thank you!

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@netznarkose Could we talk about a date asap? (As I would like to plan ahead at least a bit ;))

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Ok, so I come up with this suggestion:

The Git Workshop will take place 21. March with an optional second day the 22. March (we can discuss this later). I will search for an appropriate space, if anyone has any Ideas please let me know. What do the Coaches think about an preparation Meeting on the 7. March?

Best Max

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@netznarkose We have a spreadsheet for all venues which have ever been offered to OTS Berlin. You should be able to access it if you are a member — if not, feel free to ping me or

@netznarkose sounds good to me

@netznarkose 21. or 22. of March would be fine for me. I want to do only one day though.

So, do we meet today?

NO, NOT TODAY - since nobody reacted on this proposal!
But perhaps we arrange such a preperation-meeting in the week before the workshop or we meet a earlier on the the same day, what do you think? any suggestions are welcome!!!

lg max

Ok, the Git Workshop comes true, here the hard Facts:

  • The Git Workshop will take place at co.up Floor Saturday 3.21.2015 at 1 AM.
  • The Coaches meet there two hours earlier 11 PM to prepare the Workshop.
  • We orientate ourselves on the Learning Resource from Open Tech School
  • The Coaches so far are:

Can the Coaches give me a short reply if they can make it?

Regards Max

Hi Max, good plan. I will be there. How long will the workshop itself take, do you have an idea?
Do you have an idea for lunch, or should we just bring something?

Best regards,

I just announced the Git workshop on
@zormit & @orangejulius I couldn’t add you as event-hosts probably because you have no OTS-Admin-Acoounts but feel represented anyway.
I limited the number of Attendies to 20, if the demand exceeds this by far we can discuss an increase.
Perhaps we schedule the Workshop more or less until 7 with a decent break so people go and bye themselves sth. for lunch, I dont know, better ideas?

Awesome that we have a date. I’ll be there to coach :slight_smile: