Organising Community Call #15.1

Hey everyone,

for a while we had this idea of having a regular Video-Call (maybe once a month?) of community members, open for everyone to join.

The idea was to allow local groups to easier help each other by sharing tipps and tricks, share news and talk about formats, etc. But also to allow others, who want to start their own chapters to join and ask questions. Overall a rather open conversation without a too set schedule. A great idea, don’t you think?

Although there have been multiple attempts to get this going, we are yet to have our first call. In the spirit of rather doing than discussion, I’d like anyone, who wants to, to join me and others for the first community call on

OTS Community Call 15.1
Friday, January 30th 2015 at 5pm GMT (6pm CET)

  • medium yet to be announced


  • Quick Round of introduction
  • tbd…

If you want to join, please state so here as well as any topics you want to talk about, so we can collaboratively create an agenda and I can contact you later on how to join the call.

And of course, spread the word!

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I won’t be able to join but great to see it happen since I couldn’t fit it into my schedule.

I suggest to use Hangouts On Air to make the recording of the chat available later. It can also set to unlisted so only people with the link can see it, if there are some privacy concerns.

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Not sure, but doesn’t Hangouts have a limit of 10ppl? Not sure, we’ll go over that it this time (let’s see how many people want to join), but it’d be sad if we had to cancel on ppl because of this kind of limit …

From what I can read in the Hangout On Air FAQ they are limited to 10 participants but can have unlimited viewers.

I am not sure I can attend on Jan 30 as that’s going to be my last day in Berlin.

Please also see the document I have prepared earlier with escalations from the Berlin Organizers meetings. I’m not sure all —or any— of these points fit your proposed format though.

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As I don’t have anyone registered as joining, I’ll cancel this edition today.

I will schedule another call next month. Stay tuned.