Got Ideas? The OKFestival 2014 call for proposals is open until March 30 - get involved!

Hi OpenTechSchool Global Team!

How are you? I hope this finds you well!

I thought you’d be really interested in this, and might have some great ideas around it too; at the Open Knowledge Foundation we have just announced the Open Knowledge Festival for this summer. It’s a global gathering of open communities which is going to be held on July 15-17 in Berlin over 3 days of keynote lectures, discussion sessions, workshops, hackathons, sprints and more.

Because the festival is shaped by its participants, we (I happen to be part of the Programme Team) are asking for session proposals from anyone with great ideas for really participatory and outcome-driven sessions. You can find more information about the call for proposals here - check it out - I reckon you’ll be interested and could submit something great! And if you know anyone who you think would rock running and facilitating a session at the festival – please feel welcome to share the call far and wide!

Plus: a financial aid programme will be launched soon (to ensure a truly diverse participation) and English is not the mandatory language to run sessions. We’re going global!

Thank you for your kind attention. Looking forward receiving your terrific proposal(s)!


So, what can we do? I’m left a little bit confused by the event’s setting — the theory of change items sound like they could fit anything and nothing. Off the top of my head, I could imagine:

  • Sprint on improving existing material
  • Sprint on writing new material
  • Hackathon for finding a solution to our coach/event matching problems
  • Keynote lecture about the global OpenTechSchool movement
  • Workshop on learning material quality (How to write good material?)
  • Discussion session on learning sustainability (Hackership, K-12 education, …)
  • Discussion session on women empowerment (exclusive feminism, quotas, …)
  • Regular workshops

@beatrice, what do you think sounds most promising? What would you like OTS to contribute to the event?

Hi Robert,

Thank you for your prompt and productive reply!

If any of you is interested in the Call, s/he should feel more than welcome
to propose what s/he prefers. There’s no limit to the proposals you can
send (as OTS or as individuals or other groups) :slight_smile:

Together with the OKFestival Programme Team we’ll then review the proposals
submitted and see what would fit best :slight_smile:


FYI I have proposed a couple of sessions, among them Data Processing with Python because I think we should host one of those workshops at OKFestival.

For posterity: I have posted a report on OKF’14 to I co-facilitated a session on How To Teach Open Data and, as far as I know, @ramin and @cntlsn represented the Physical Computing Club.

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