Hi and welcome

This is a space to get a first contact with the community, say hi, some words about your self and just leave your creativite free :slight_smile:

Some suggestion on what you can say:

  • your name
  • your city
  • what do you want to learn / coach / organize / …
  • how can we help you?

We want to know everything about you :smiley:

Hello everyone,

I’m Johann, based in Berlin.

I work as a web developer, mostly doing Ruby and some Python backend, but also some basic frontend things. For work, I’m currently trying to learn React. If I ever manage to “master” that, I want to look into Elixir. :wink:

I coached at OTS for the first time a few weeks ago, at a JavaScript for Absolute Beginners workshop. I participated in the same workshop myself around 3 years ago and been a couple times at the Ruby learners meetup before I started working. Have coached more often at meetups for freeCodeCamp that I organized myself, but I do not have time for that anymore at the moment.

In general, my options to coach coding are currently quite limited, because I’m busy with basketball (playing & coaching) at least 3 days a week.

Currently, I don’t really look for help.

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Hey @Johann_Quassowski, welcome!
We looking forward to co-coaching/co-learning with you even more :wink:

I’m Lucy, one of the co-organisers of Science Hack Day Berlin, an annual community-run weekend hackathon for scientists, artists, developers, designers and enthusiasts. I’m a community organiser and former molecular biologist. I’m here to chat about science hacking and build our community.

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Hi, nice to have you here! :tada:

Feel free to write a bit about what you’re currently doing with SHD and where you’re heading. We can create a category and a group for you, if that’s of any use.

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We are an evolving team of volunteer organisers who have been running Science Hack Day in Berlin since 2013. For those who don’t already know us, our aim is to build community and make connections between all different kinds of people interested in science. We think science should be a tool that anyone can use and we want to make it more open to society.

This year we have many fantastic new organising team members from our community and are getting ready for our 5th edition, scheduled for November - we’re announcing the details any day now… :slight_smile:

Ramin and Joram from our team are already here (but discourse won’t let me mention them…). We’ll discuss in the team about the possibility of a SHDB category and group in the OTS discourse. I think it could be just the thing for us… We should probably move discussion about it out of the Welcome Lounge though :slight_smile:


Hi everyone - This is V (https://soundcloud.com/cyantifik) - Nice to meet you!

I’ve met a few organizers so far and just wanna show my face here so we can connect with each other and discuss the next steps to bring OTS (in many ways) to the next level together. Also would love to get myself into the grooves of code-learning as well!!

I am new to discourse so apologies in advance for the learning curves. I am on many other communication platforms (as seen in my SoundCloud link above) and welcome everyone to connect from everywhere!

Wish you all a great Friday ahead & let’s connect!!


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@cyantifik Welcome to the community and the forum!

Thanks for your enthusiasm and input so far. Looking forward to working together!

Did you end up going to the Creative Code thing?

Hi I’m Johannes, based in Stuttgart. We are a small consulting, development startup-company.
Willing to bring more life into Stuttgart Startup-Scene. The hidden Silicon-Valley of Germany :wink:


Hi Johannes,

nice to have you here!

Are you interested in running events in Stuttgart?

Hi Martin, yes we would like to run an event in Stuttgart, maybee in March 2018.
What we have here as a seminar course is: Server and Client Development with Python (using Flask) max. 12 Participants, course Material is in German language.
But for an open course we would have to rethink the whole thing…
We had some thoughts about the concept, we thought it should give something applicable to the participants.
Machine Learning with Python, could be a good thing, but also I’m interested in showing that you don’t necessarily have to be a Programmer to get you work done using Python…

Hello there|
I’m Ella, I live in Berlin and I’m new to OTS. I love this community spirit focused on learning and coaching tech stuff. I work in tech, as product manager, and I’m sure you guys can help me understand better all the things my team deals with everyday.

See you soon at the next meetup!

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