The Big "Hello This Is Me" Thread


this thread is here to collect some basic information on the participants of SHDB17. This is were you can have a look for specific skills, backgrounds, people. In your post you can be as broad or specific as you like. The more you share, the more your peers have a chance to connect with you.
As a starting point include the following in your post:

Your name (+nicknames)
Your background (have you attended a science hack day before? What do you do when you’re not hacking?)
Your Skills (whatever you think could be interesting in this context. Know how to tie the best knots? Mention it!)
Your interests (What makes your hacker heart beat faster?)
Club Mate or Flora-Power?

Looking forward to get to know all of you!

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I’m Joram. No nickname ever stuck.
I am a molecular biologist from Berlin. I work with plants and try to figure out how they make molecular stuff. I am 29 years old, and this is my first year organising the SHDB. In 2015 and 2016 I took part in the SHDB, exploring once tactile public transport information interfaces and the other time portable power generators to harvest energy while walking.
I know a lot about biology, something about technology, can code a very little bit, I can analyse mass spec data sets, I can handle graphics software, I brew beer, bake bread, and I can make presentations look nice. Oh, and I’m part of this year’s organising team, so come and ask me if you have any question about SHDB17.
Data visualisation is awesome. I love to learn about ways to make large data sets accessible to many people. If anyone wants to explore a large data set, count me in.
Flora-Power all the way. (and beer).



I’m Lucy. Also one of the organisers of Science Hack Day. I was a participant in the very first edition back in 2013 – our team won the design prize for “Spitlamp” – and have been part of the organising team every since. My background is in molecular biology and I especially love all kinds of biology-related hacks, especially ones that give you insight into the mysteries and weirdness of our own bodies. So, you can ask me about that, as well as some graphics and digital fabrication stuff, creative communication ideas, and I really love connecting people.

Otherwise, I really believe that science should be accessible to and for the benefit of everyone in society, and I’m especially into DIY science: the use and application of science outside of regular institutions. With all this DIY electronics and internet knowledge there is a LOT of science we can do by ourselves. I’m really interested in using DIY science approaches to deal with issues of social and environmental justice.

Errr… flora-power please. Or better a good coffee :slight_smile:


Hi all,

just a quick hello from another SHD organizer!
My name is Giulia, I’m a philosopher-physicist. As such I love knowledge and science, and like to spread this love with as many people as possible.
I have been organizing science hack day for quite some years now, and last year I was finally very glad to join the “quantum reality” team for a fun quantum mechanics/virtual reality hack! The result wasn’t perfect but we had lots of fun and we haven won the hardest hack price! So for all the future hackers: just believe in it, it will be fun!


oh and skills? not many… talkative, comunicative, experience in education, know some maths, physics and philosophy, like finding solution to things together with others… not very good at coding although very curious about it and I’m always happy to learn something new.

and I prefer coffee and beer :wink:


Hello Everybody,

My name is Kati. Last year I was a Science Hack Day participant, and since I liked it so much, I’m one of the organisers this year. I studied many years ago cognitive science at the Helsinki University and worked ultimately as an interaction designer for quite some time. In the past years I’ve been doing artsy and DIYish projects. Usually objects/installations and workshops, which combine technology and playful ideas - they can be found here. Cardboard, tape, Arduinos, LEDs, motors, resistors, sensors, glitter, electro-trash and textiles are materials I work with. Problem solving is my obsession and I like to drink mostly just H2O.

Looking forward to meeting you all! :slight_smile:


Hello Hello!!

I’m Alessandro, enthusiast of open science and DIY biology. I participated at the last 2 science hack days in Berlin and this year I contribute to the organization of the event. Currently I’m working in the bioinnovaion scene, bridging biology and the world of electronics and robots.

During the science hack day I will be with the technicians in the workshop to help you all with the machines. Can’t wait to see some crazy project!!! :slight_smile:



I’m Gabriel, known as Fahrstuhl online.

I’m doing my masters in Computer Science at TU Berlin, mostly specializing in Robotics. I took part in the SHD 2014, where our team won the price for the “Weirdest Project” called “Feel the Planet”. (Which involved piping seismic data into various vibrating objects, including a banana, a globe and a vibrator.)

I mostly do programming in C, C++, Python, some Java, Qt, ROS and machine learning with Scikit-Learn. Also simple electronics and hardware stuff as in Arduino, Teensy, Raspberry Pi and ESP8266. (In theory I have a bachelors degree in Computer Engineering and should know electrical engineering, but in practice I don’t :smiley: ) And rudimentary modeling and video editing in Blender, 2D CAD in Inkscape, audio editing in Audacity…

For my interests… Basically the above with the addition of video games. Free Software, too.

Mio Mio Mate.

Very happy to take part in a Science Hack Day again!

And I’m really :arrow_down:


Hello Science Hackers!
This is Agus, I´m also an organizer (this year we are a few!)

I have a background in theater direction, that means that I can help with advice for the pitching so if you need some recommendations don´t hesitate to ask!

I identify myself formally as “Interdisciplinary Artist and Researcher” but basically I mean multitasker specially because I studied something called “Open Design” that is very Open in the sense of interdisciplinary with a design approach. I´m curious and enthusiast of Science and Technologies in relation to art. I´m also into games and urban interventions (with no or low-tech) prioritizing the experiences of players/audiences.

Ask me when you have any problem and if I don´t have the solution I might know someone who has it. I´m a people person.

about drinks… MATE (but the actual south american infusion) because I´m a nostalgic Argentinian, and you will see me with mine during the event for sure, and I can share GERNE a few with you

looking forward! ahhh! so exited!


Hello Hackers,

I´m Holger and I´m no organizer :slight_smile:
Engineer, Burning Man enthusiast, artist, musician and builder.
I love to create stuff and almost every week I invent and build something new.
All materials and manufacturing processes welcome.
Gotta learn more about 3D printing and lasering though, but already have a bit of experience.
Raspberry Pi and Arduino are on my bucket list as well.

For Burning Man last year I built a solar coffee machine, that mechanically follows the sun and makes a coffee in just 8mins - no electricity involved.

Looking forward to meeting you and create awesome things!



I’m Ramin. I never attended a science hack day, I’m one of the organisers of SHDB. I’m there since the beginning in 2013. I can’t wait for my pension, where I will be in my landhouse filled with science hacks like a battery powered kickboard and robots that move my plant around. I studied computer science so I can fix your computer. but we can also chat about art, design, cyborgs and eastern philosophy. I can also help with electronics and can make babys burp.
I like science hacks about science. something that swirls up the archaic understanding and structures of science. I also like to make communities and education of critical topics.
Recently I’m into natural language processing.
See you soon!



I’m Nicolai (some people also use Nico) and I’ve recently started as a PhD student in Systems Biology (Molecular Biology and a bit bioinformatics). So far I haven’t been on any SHD or hackathon, but I participated in the iGEM competition which has a similar approach to synthetic biology. I can code in python, but more based on self learning and experience than formal training. Otherwise I’m generally interested in tinkering around with everything I can get my hands on and in cool discoveries from all fields of science. I’d also like to have more open source science, technology and software out in world. Further unrelated interestes include various forms of (computer-/board-/p&p rpg) games and fantasy stories/books/worlds/…

I’m looking forward to a great weekend with all of you!

Also … Flora-Power, I guess ?


Hey there,

I am Luiza, from Brazil and moved to Berlin less than 6 months ago. Gotta confess I have never attended a Science Hack Day or had heard about it before an email from Joram. Then I got both curious and excited to join.
I am a scientist trying to understand plants (so yes, I probably can help you with the issues your’re having with your home plants) and how they tell time (hopefully help people to grow plants in other planets). I know something about plant breeding (classic), molecular biology, botany, biochemistry (my PhD is on it), physiology and chronobiology (that’s where my love lies), experiment design, data analysis, pattern/rhythm search.
I wish I could code. Trying to learn it.
Useful skills: talkative, good listener, flexible, never passive-aggressive, always honest, genuinely interested in science and in communicating it with the general public and people interested in science. And I do believe in collaborating instead of competing. That’s how I believe science should be handled.
Looking forward to meet everybody and collaborate with projects!
See you soon!

oh, yeah! I also participated in iGEM back in 2012. It was awesome!


Hey, i’m Sascha and one of the organizers of this years SHD. My old IRC-chat friends know me as Alamar. I attended first last year and joined the team that won the “Best Data Hack” with their design-of-experiment optimized pancake-cooking bot :wink: I like running around in labcoats at home, that’s why i have several of them in my wardrobe.
You will find me during at the event at the hardware help desk or giving stretching classes for tensed up hackers.

In real live i’m a fulltime working engineer with ~10 year of work experience in applied physics (solar panels, lasers, manufacturing electronics) and i work mostly in quality management. This includes a lot of “corporate life”, so i know more then one tieknot and my favorite one is the double windsor.

In my scarce freetime i upcycle stuff, i’m a total retro-gaming nerd and i practice a lot of Tai Chi / Qi Gong. This year i went on a long study journey through China and recorded air quality data with a particle sensor based on the NOVA PM2.5 Sensor most people know from

Regarding Drinks: Mate, on weekends with Vodka (sometimes)



I’m Lindsay. I’ve been called LPR a lot. I’m a cell biologist/neuroscientist who lived and partied with urban planners throughout my PhD which meant I talked about “fostering community through the built environment” a lot and eventually started wondering how science could be woven into and improve the social fabric of our communities. It sure is interesting to discuss with each other! In Berlin, I teach Science Communication workshops at Humboldt, am helping organize ENCODS 2018, a neuroscience conference and a work for STATE Festival, which has showcased many SHD participants and I felt I wanted to try my hand and be involved myself this year!

My big dream is making an experiential virtual reality cell biology “textbook” come to life, and I’ve spoken with some people to get this started, but it’s likely in the distant future.

Currently, I’m looking forward to seeing what projects come out of this!

oh and I like club-mate, though I try to stay away from coffee… won’t sleep for days if I have too much.



I am Guergana. I am a front-end Developer currently working in a Design Agency. I studied computer Science, multimedia and audiovisual theory and history and I have attended many maker meetups and workshops but I have never attended a Hackaton, so I am super excited about this event. I have at least three friends who attended the Science Hack day in the past years and all three had a lot of fun.

Lately I am very interested in music learning and the creation of physical interfaces and clean energy. I am currently developing my first experiments with solar panels. I am also currently learning about Virtual and Augmented Reality.

I can program in PHP, Javascript (mostly Vanilla and JQuery and Angular), R and some other languages I can’t recall right now :stuck_out_tongue: .

In my free time I try to master my body’s flexibility and coordination by practicing Gymnastics and learning to play the Accordion.

I rarely drink Club Mate, nor Coffee: I can’t sleep… (What is Flora Power??)


Hi all!

I’m Lisa. Never been to an official Science Hack Day before, but I’ve had plenty of days that had hacking and science in them. I studied computer science and philosophy, and I’ve alternated between working as a software developer and a white hat hacker. Wrote my thesis on a bioinformatics subject and self-studied some biology. The general rule of thumb here seems to be: If it’s too small to see with the naked eye, I’ll probably find it interesting.

I know a lot about computer security and I’m good at spotting bugs in code. If the bugs are less obvious, I can probably help you track them down through debugging. I’m fairly fluent in Java, Perl and C/C++ and I can write working code in Python, Ruby, R and some other languages with a little help from reference books and Stack Overflow. I also enjoy helping people take their first (or second, or third) steps in programming. Electronics in Easy mode (read: Arduino and friends) is also on the menu. I’ve worked with DNA sequencing data and know some things about bioinformatics, DIYBio and building DIY equipment for biology.

Right now, I’m pretty excited about hands-on DNA sequencing. And metagenomics. And microbial communities in extreme environments, just because.

Tea over Club Mate at this point, so I’ll try to bring some tea!


Hello, good people!

This is Svein. I was at the Science Hack Day last year and had a lot of fun, so I’m returning for a second dose. I’m working independently as a developer of signal processing algorithms and acoustic devices that involve arrays of microphones and loudspeakers. My background is in electronics and physics.

Some projects I’ve worked on in the past: Active vibration damping in satellites (SINTEF), wavelets for source separation (NTNU), acoustic analysis of musical instruments (ENST, IRCAM), hydrogen storage in carbon nanotubes (NASA), photodetachment microscopy (Laboratoire Aime Cotton), nanostructures and surface plasmons (Universite Louis Pasteur), telephone network forecasting (Telenor), search engines for telephone directories (Telenor, Deutsche Telekom), photogrammetry for offshore applications (P-cable), and deep-water auvs (Oslo University).


Hi everybody,

I’ll make it short and follow the given questions:

  • Your name (+nicknames)
    • Robert ( [/] )
  • Your background (have you attended a science hack day before? What do you do when you’re not hacking?)
    • Never been at a science hack day before, but we’re doing that in our robot lab almost every day.
    • Cycling to hacking, cycling from hacking, playing unihockey = floorball, singing. Going hiking on this weekend.
  • Your Skills (whatever you think could be interesting in this context. Know how to tie the best knots? Mention it!)
    • M. Sc. in Chemistry; currently pursuing a PhD in Bioprocess Engineering.
    • Mainly interested in the question “how does life work” (in all its facettes).
    • Skills are related to this question:
      • wet lab (bio and chem stuff);
      • dry lab (MD simulations, docking, reaction planning, dynamic systems modelling, database stuff, SBOL, SBML, Python; newest friend: RDF and Linked Data)
      • organization and administration (Redmine, Wikis, Github & -lab, Linux)
  • Your interests (What makes your hacker heart beat faster?)
    • oops, answered that already. (Building lab equipment myself is what I’m after!)
    • Open Source Programming – Open Access Publishing
    • when I’m old enough to decide for myself: Open Science
  • Club Mate or Flora-Power?
    • people who can’t decide on either answer “Mio Mio Mate”

pfft, short… not.