That “simple online spreadsheet” already exists: Berlin resources » Assets.


at the 29.11, there will be a Workshop in the Zentrale Landesbibliothek to introduce them to Arduino and Raspberry Pi. The intention is to make them ready to lend hardware and have a representative case to support the maker movement.

Is it possible to use the laptops at this day? Shoud I contact somebody else?


How many do you need? Any requirements for the installed software?


there will be need for about 6 laptops. The only requirement is that the arduino IDE works on these laptops. It does not need to be installed, we can do this ourselves.

Thanks in advance,

@nicolai @itbs

We have a software in the CoderDojo in place:
I would like to make this more modular so it fits our needs.

What is there:

  • automatic update from git (If you need a new software, you can add it in the git repository and the computers install it when they have access to the repository)
  • upload of learner results to a git repository

What I would like to do additionally:

  • Configuration for different “schools” - OTS, CoderDojo Berlin, CoderDojo Potsdam, …
  • Is installation via ansible a case? - we can do both.
  • Download of different resources for offline-use

Are you willing to try it with me some day and join forces?


Hi, so I started making the more modular software:

It updates automatically when there is an internet connection. Also, we can create the same user-accounts on any machine.
If someone is interested, let me know, we can create the OpenTechSchool profile for it.

Hey, sorry everyone, i wasn’t paying much attention as i was swamped with life. I still have a bunch of laptops here and got the three back that i once gave to Lisa for ClojureBridge that were then also used for RailsGirls. I can bring them to co.up so they don’t depend on me :smiley:

I sure am happy to keep them here though and promise to react next time someone needs them. One thing though: i’m never quite sure about our policies on those and who we give them to. I mean, i’m happy if they are used at all…