Meeting notes, Breakfast on September 12, 2013

Notes from 09/12/2013

Attendance: Rachel, Dirk, Ben, Stefan, Surma, Bettina

Workshop in San Francisco (Ben)

In 2 weeks Ben will do a workshop in SF. It’s not clear if it’ll be JS or Python, depending on the coaches.

Hackership update (Rachel, Ben)

Today the contract with betahaus will be signed today, then it can be announced. betahaus will be an official sponsor for batch-0.

For later batches Wooga might have a spare floor which can be used for Hackership. Still need to clear up with CEO. But there are people within the company to take part in the programme.

If you have connections to great people, like potential hackers in residence and cool companies, who might be great to have on board, please introduce us.

Science Hack Day update (Rachel)

  • we secured the venue: Betahaus on Nov 15-17
  • we need sponsors for food, materials
  • we need further “content partners” (scientists, artists, technology)
  • sponsorship info will be ready to spread for the team
  • regular meetups will be continue to be Wednesday, 7pm at co.up - you are invited!
  • to join the team list ( ) please attend a meeting

iOS update (Rachel)

We had adhoc an iOS Workshop on Sunday (at Co-up). Went pretty well, 20 people came, was run by two professional iOS coaches. In a frontal course setup (2 coaches for 25 people).

Right now we wouldn’t have enough people to do “usual setup” workshop (small groups, online curriculum).

Python update (Ben)

There will be another Python Beginners Workshop at Co-Up this saturday, the continuous learning group goes very well and there is a follow up planned in october.
The beginners workshop has been translated in German to be able to run it in Zurich for Teenagers of the age of 16+.

Go workshop @ GDG DevFest (Surma)

GDG DevFest is a community developer event around Google technology, organized by the Google Developer Groups in Berlin. It’s happening on Nov 1st - 3rd.

On Friday afternoon on November 1 there is time for workshops planned. Surma planned a workshop with an abstracted framework so as a beginner you only have to start programming. It will be a very short thing like 90 minutes but a longer workshop (whole weekend) will emerge from it.

Advanced Beginners CSS/HTML5 workshop (Bettina)

Bettina talked to Gio about doing 2 workshops one for CSS beginners and a follow-up for advanced beginners.

We are looking for people creating the advanced material. A call for CSS coaches is on the blog already.

Procedures (Rachel)

Question was: with using discourse, the Handbooks are outdated. One can simply do a pull-request to change them and it us for everyone to do so. Aside the handbooks as blueprints are meant to be documentation of what works and as the whole discourse thing is still in process updating them is a little to early because it isn’t even known to work yet.

Action Item:

  • Team Tech: Email Address for Surma and Bettina
  • Rachel: to write a call for iOS coaches
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