Notes from 08/29/2013 (OTS Organizers before OTS drinks)

Attendance: Rachel, Ben, Andreas, Dirk

the page
Is messy. We should make sure that Workshops are always on top using the “featured meetup”. We should decide on a place for drinks permanently. Learners hangouts seems empty, maybe we should just drop it?

art hack day volunteers

Let’s do a call for volunteers on discourse and send it through social media channels.

science hack day update

November 15th-16th at Betahaus. There is sponsorship required as there will be catering needed. Rich people and interested companies step forward.


Will also take place at Betahaus, for six weeks from November 11th. We are still looking for learners and Hackers in Residence.

picking a bar

We tried a new bar and liked it pretty much. It was spacy,nice but not too loud music easy to find from co-up and good for bigger groups and decided to make it the official bar for the next few OTS-Drinks: Troedler Bar, Dresdner Str. 123, 10999 Berlin

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