Monthly Dinner Nov 9th

Hello dear Berlin Organizers,

join us for our monthly organisers Dinner, THIS MONDAY (Nov 9th) 7pm at Max und Mortiz (U Moritzplatz – Oranienstrasse 162, 10 969 Berlin). The table for up 10 is reserved under “OpenTechSchool”, bring cash (they do not accept plastic).


Actions from the previous meeting

  • Stickers:
  • [x] @anaketa will contact Ola for Conference stickers and realize them (We created some drafts, then Ola went sick and we got stuck for 2 weeks :frowning: Hopefully she will get better soon and present something.)
  • [ ] @vicy will print stickers
  • Refugee Project:
  • [ ] @xMartin/@vicy will get in contact with shelter and define a date
  • [ ] @xMartin/@vicy will take care of create post@vicy cy will print poster (?)
  • Laptops and other OTS belongings
    • [ ] @mamhoff will ask Alex if is possible to have some space, payed!
    • [x] @mamhoff or @anaketa will contact @bastianalbers to rescue the laptops (It was already too late but he said if we really need laptops, there is another contact person we can call)
    • [ ] @ben will contact IT Labs to recover the Sticks
  • Google Volunteer Competition
  • [ ] @ben will share the applications form
  • [-] @ben will try to find someone willing to apply for Google volunteer competition (Deadline Oct 18th)
  • [ ] @all we should think about this and decided if we want to organize to send some applications
  • Florian Rust Meetup
  • [*] @teamTech: Give acces, a couple of important links –
  • [ ] @ben Create a “Welcome” template email with important links about how to
    start a chapter or meetup to send when there are new organizer on board
  • Newsletter
  • [x] @anaketa will put martin and anouk in the newletter email’s loop where also Gen is part, so whenever she is willing to she can jump in again.
  • [x] @anaketa create mail chimp account

other topics …

This is a Wiki-Topic: Feel free to add and edit!

//cc @stefanhoth, @Kriesse, @MisterRios, @ellen, @freenerd, @cntlsn, @kiyu_mars, @fronx, @Danila, @beatrice, @anaketa, @haiko, @xMartin, @Lorenzo, @ezmiller, @chiara, @amelie, @bettina, @charlotte, @carlio, @staeff, @anouk, @rachel, @starkcoffee, @bastianalbers, @ramin, @mamhoff, @ben, @vicy


@ben, get update from @anaketa re: Newsletter based on our hangout last Wednesday… Your notes are out of date. Cheers!

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It’s just the list of action items from the last meeting. Please feel free to edit the post and update the item (anyone can edit the post) – or if they are just dealt with click on the check-box :slight_smile: .

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Just updated.
Unfortunately i’m not in Berlin so i cannot come to the meeting tonight
Have fun :slight_smile:

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Notes of the Meeting tonight:



  • phillip of the one organisation was reachable: need to branch out probably
  • no feedback from refugess on rails
  • turns out ben’s contact didn’t reply-all. @ben will take care of that
  • an editor from Emma would love to make a portrait about a female tech refugee associated with OTS if we come accross one. Ping @vicy about that.
  • Mo joined us for the event (recently located from Egypt – associated with the ICE Coworking Space there) about helping with connecting refugees and helping with translations. He we introduced to the ideas and principles of OTS and will get back to everyone latter.



Communication is happening. @xMartin reached out to a few chapters, to get a who’s-still-in-vote, only hamburg answered, letting us know, they aren’t.

Action items:
@ben will provide a short list of all still active OTS-accounts (as in “used recently”), @xMartin will ping them about their activity – the OTS Census 2015 – and hopefully find one “spokesperson” per chapter

Improving OTS infrastructure

Web Dev colearning tried multiple times to get their learners to help out with the website – no success yet. Suggestions by @xMartin: let’s organise an OTS barcamp, maybe in February, to figure out things we want to do and let’s do a hackathon after (maybe March) to actually do them.

Attendance in October

Has been pretty high all over the bench. Plenty of new people, but also regular. Peak at the learners meetup (over 30ppl), though @chiara attributes it at least in part to the very popular topic chosen (“A/B Testing”)


  • @kiyu_mars asked whether an Adobe After effects colearning group would be in line with OTS. Team hesitant – suggested to talk to the creative coding stammtisch and see what they are thinking/whether there is a more open-sourcy alternative.
  • @xMartin was approached about PHP again. Group suggested to start with a learning group. @xMartin will lead the efforts, @ben will connnect him with former hackership PHP coach @BDiekert .
  • OTS infrastructure:
    @ben will create two topics
    • list of groups
  • the most important how to’s (to be edited by everyone)
  • New “orchestra masters” – at every event, the new location is defined, the previous person (taking notes), will write those done on DC, and create a new topic with all action items for the next event (as a wiki-topic), handing over to the new orchestra meister – who will remind everyone with pending todos about them being due 2 weeks prior the event

Next event will be booked by @kiyu_mars. Orchestra Meister is @chiara.

Btw, the communication talk at the LM has been postponed :pensive:

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Some comments on the protocol:

Philipp working at Notunterkunft Wilmersdorf ist not reachable, unfortunately.

The idea with the bar camp is meant to be totally generic OTS, not specific to website or infrastructure.

@robert also contacted some chapters.

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It’s Orchestra Master’s time!

@ben @anaketa @vicy @xMartin how’s stuff coming along? The last agenda doesn’t have checkboxes…

@kiyu_mars time to think about the next dinner :smile:

Well, those are minutes/notes and shouldn’t be altered. But the new agenda for next time has all action items and checkboxes!!!

Ooops sorry I hadn’t seen he new thread!