Monthly organizers' meetup January 11th (no dinner this time)

Join us for the orga meetup on Jan 11th! We thought it would be best not to do it on the 4th because holidays, and so we’ll do it at co.up alongside the Python/Ruby co-learning. Please edit!

Edit: due to lack of dinner, I propose to postpone it to the usual start of the co-working groups (19:15-30)

Open agenda items:

  • [] on Tuesday 8 December @vicy and @xMartin will meet with Refugees Emancipation (Eva Gehltomholt) about IT workshops for/with refugees.
  • [] @skade will write blog post about the Rust Co-learning joining OTS
  • [] @bettina will finalize the coaches/learners guidelines
  • [] feedback on @bettina’s Clojure group
  • [] @anaketa’s stickers status
  • [] outcome of co.up coworking hack day

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//cc @stefanhoth, @Kriesse, @MisterRios, @ellen, @freenerd, @cntlsn, @kiyu_mars, @fronx, @Danila, @beatrice, @anaketa, @haiko, @xMartin, @Lorenzo, @ezmiller, @chiara, @amelie, @bettina, @charlotte, @carlio, @staeff, @anouk, @rachel, @starkcoffee, @bastianalbers, @ramin, @mamhoff, @ben, @vicy, @nicolai

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how do I make it a wiki topic?

For reasons that are beyond me, the forum developers decided that only admins can promote posts to become wiki. I made this a wikipost.

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Are mail notifications working properly? I got the notification for this thread today.


@ben, any idea?

Open Agenda items:
Refugees Emancipation: @xMartin is trying to solve how to provide transportation tickets to refugees, @nicolai is involved in providing laptops for IT courses. Requires a switch and like 8 ethernet cables.
@nicolai will use Docker container to set up the computers.

Nothing new regarding Rust Co-Learning, coaches/learners guidelines, Clojure group, stickers, or outcome of coworking hack day, because @skade, @bettina, and @xMartin couldn’t report because they were absent from the meeting.

@ben, @mamhoff There may be an issue with the Discourse topics notifications. Many recipients seem to to receive the notifications. Could someone please look into this?

Our next organisers meetup will be on the 1st of February. Location to be determined. @kiyu_mars will find and book a restaurant for this purpose, and create an attendance poll.

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