Monthly Dinner Dec 7th

Join us for the monthly dinner on Dec 7th. [Open agenda items are]((Monthly Dinner Nov 9th) (please edit, this is a Wiki-Post):

Todos Prior

  • [*] @ben will reply to nice refugee lady, apologizing for the delay because of missing reply-all.
  • [*] @ben will provide a short list of all still active OTS-accounts (as in “used recently”),
  • [ ] @xMartin will ping them about their activity – the OTS Census 2015 – and hopefully find one
    "spokesperson" per chapter
  • [ ] @ben will connect @xMartin and @BDiekert about a PHP learning group in Berlin.
  • [-] @ben will create two topics
    • [*] list of groups
    • [ ] the most important how to’s (to be edited by everyone)
  • [ ] @kiyu_mars will book the location (Chinese Restaurant accross the Chinese Embassy) and exact announce time and place.
  • [*] @chiara will ping everyone 2 weeks prior the event, to remind them for their chore due.


to be added.

The title says the seventh, while the text says the ninth. I haven’t been there, but I think you mean the seventh,no?

oops. yes. fixed it.

Reservation booked for 7pm under the name OpenTech.


Hi there!

May I join to ask for help on the long dormant Learners’ Guidelines? The last status is that the way I phrase how to interact with coaches is not very generous / welcoming / inclusive towards the coaches, and I’d like some help from coaches to help me figure out how to phrase that.

I know this is really last-minute, so I don’t mind if I can’t join.


Of course you’re very welcome to join! A quick feedback should be possible, too.

Hi @xMartin - Great! I assume it’s going to be at Ming Dynastie?

Yes, it’s going to be there :slight_smile:

Just wanted to confirm that I’ll attend (from the beginning, FWIW :slight_smile: )

Just a quick announcement from far away: Co.Up is hosting a their coworking hack day this sunday and among other things they would like to discuss the future of the space with the various meetups using them. See this doc for details.

In particular they asked me whether I could forward that information to organisers of the Ruby Learners, the Python and Django User Group, and the learners meetup. So I will bluntly CC the organisers I know are involved. I think it would be great for as many of you to participate…

//cc @mamhoff, @kiyu_mars, @chiara, @bettina, @starkcoffee. Feel free to forward!

I’ll probably be a little late.

I won’t make it. Health keeps me home :tea:

I will, however, be there for the co-up day (do you think we can organize the metal wardrobe (“Spind”) we talked about then? It’d be a good opportunity to put it up).

Thanks for this wonderful and delicious meeting, @nicolai, @chiara, @bettina, @skade!

Here are the notes:

Co-up hack days and christmas party
Invite community to
a) christmas party
b) hack day sunday

usual channels plus meetup to all

Workshop this Saturday. @bastianalbers is involved. @xMartin will try to stop by and raise the topic of being closer related to OTS

Clojure/Clojurescript Co-Learning
The CLJ Art Collective <3 recently developed into something rather like a Clojure/Clojurescript user group / co-learning, as @bettina reported. She will talk to them about joining OTS.

Refugees Emancipation
On Tuesday 8 December @vicy and @xMartin will meet with Refugees Emancipation (Eva Gehltomholt) about IT workshops for/with refugees.

Rust Co-Learning
Members appreciated joining OTS
@skade will write blog post about it

Coaches/Learners Guides
@bettina asked for some feedback on the coaches guidelines. Was a good short session. she wants to finish it this year.

Next meeting
11. Januar (maybe side-by-side with co-learnings
@chiara will invite

Draft text to send around tomorrow, before people go to lunch :). Comments?

Hi everyone,

we usually don’t advertise other events to make this group focused on our actual events, but his one is special.

co.up, the space that often hosts many of our meetups, enables us to make them free for anyone without much effort. Being regular guests also means that we are the cause of some wear and tear there.

We’d like to give back and encourage everyone to participate in their coworking hackday, especially the floor improvement day on Sunday, December 13th. Let’s make co.up a space we love to spend our time in even more!

Read the details here:

There are many OTS members that already help out on Sunday, please join them! Don’t forget the christmas party on Friday - we also want to enjoy this.

The OpenTechSchool team

Missing half a sentence, no?

Co.up, the space that … .

What is with co-up :wink: ?

Yeah, changed the sentence in the original. Half-rephrasing is the root of all if you write a bad text.

I’m puzzled? The space is called “co.up”, just not the domain, if that’s what you are getting at :).

The half sentence … pointing out that it was unclear what was with co.up . nevermind :wink: .

I guess it will be after lunch then, but if there are any outstanding comments, please post them within the next hour.

Maybe mention that some OTS members will be there in Sunday for sure, like it’s a definitive plan, not just a nice idea. Also we should invite to join the Christmas thing on Friday.

Thanks, added.